Will There be an I Am a Killer: Released Season 2?

Netflix has progressed to become a go-to destination for lovers of true crime documentaries. One such path-breaking show that managed to create waves is the British docuseries, ‘I Am a Killer’ — which follows the investigation procedure of murderers awaiting death sentences. And ‘I Am a Killer: Released’ is created as a spin-off of the above series. It is the real story of a man who was given the death sentence after being convicted of murder. Owing to its rivetting premise, ‘Released’ opened to extremely good reviews from fans. Now, if you wish to know about its potential second edition, we have you covered!

I Am a Killer: Released Season 2 Release Date:

‘I Am a Killer: Released’ season 1 premiered on August 28, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of three half-hour episodes. The first season does a fantastic job of narrating the story of a released convict — his life outside bars and his reflections on the crime he committed. By the time you reach the last episode, all your questions are answered. Therefore, it is evident that this particular spinoff to ‘I Am a Killer’ was conceptualized as a one-off and we probably won’t be getting a ‘I Am a Killer: Released’ season 2.

But there is also a chance of getting another season that throws light on some other convict. Until further details are revealed, let’s call this hypothetical spinoff ‘I Am a Killer: Released’ season 2, which should release sometime in 2021.

I Am a Killer: Released Cast

‘I Am a Killer: Released’ introduces us to Dale Wayne Sigler, who had robbed a Subway sandwich shop at gunpoint in 1990. Seeing the situation unfold before his eyes, a shop assistant named John William Zeltner Jr, retreated to the backroom out of fear. Sigler ended up killing John after shooting him six times. He robbed $400 from the store and later, confessed his crime before the authorities. Sigler was taken into custody, convicted of the homicide, and sentenced to death in 1991. In 1993, Sigler’s sentence was changed to life imprisonment — making him eligible for parole after three decades. In ‘I Am a Killer: Released’, we meet Sigler, following his release, as he narrates his time behind bars and takes us through his journey of trying to adjust to the outside.

What is I Am a Killer: Released About?

‘I Am a Killer: Released’ follows Dale Wayne Sigler, who is released back into the world — following his imprisonment of 30 years after brutally killing a man. We see Sigler being placed into the custody of Carol, a 70-year-old prison pen pal with whom he had barely interacted in the past. Filmed in Texas over a three-year period, ‘I Am a Killer: Released’ chronicles Sigler’s journey as he slowly starts adjusting on the outside. Toward the end, he reveals the real reason behind committing such a ghastly crime. And shockingly, his true motives are quite different from the ones we had always believed!

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