I am Frankie Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

The Season 2 of I am Frankie — after the success of the first season — released on August 11, 2018. After the series officials announced the season 2 premiere date, there was a series of shares and tweets about the new release by the fans. The TV series was first aired on the channel Nickelodeon which made it gain worldwide popularity. The season 2 can be seen on the partner links of the Nickelodeon and is speculated to be a huge success again. The new season is expected to have 22 episodes. It has previously attracted a good number of users online and is set to do that again by these series of episodes.

I am Frankie Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

The new cast of the Season 2 has some of the characters from the previous season while there are completely new characters too. The main cast of the season includes Todd Allen who plays James Peters, James D. Ballard who plays Mr Kingston and Kyson Facer as Andrew LaPierre in the season 2. Kristi Beckett is playing the role of Makayla, UrielBaldesco can be seen as Lucia Baxter, Carson Rowland portrays the role of the Cole Reyes and Mohana Krishnan as Tammy Gilroy in the new season. Nicole Ayse Nelson plays the role of Dayton Reyes, Michael Laurino is portraying the role of Will Gaines and Sophia Forest is playing the role of Jenny Gaines. The main character of the show Alex Hook has the face of Frankie Gaines /Eliza. The main characters also include Zachary who plays the role of Zane, Tommi Rose who will be playing Simone and AminaAlzouma, who would play as Rachel in the new season.

The recurring Cast has Justin Jarzombek who plays John Travis, Rachael Thompson who has the role of Andersen, the engineer, Tracy A. Johnson as EGG the lab engineer, Tay Lindsey who plays the role of the EGG the lab engineer, Joy Klein who is playing the role of Ms Hough and Mark Jacobson has the voice behind PEGS1

I am Frankie Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

Sigourney has designed an android girl named Frankie. Sigourney works for a company Electronic Giga Genetics abbreviated as the EGG. When the head of the company, Mr Kingston finds out that Sigourney has made such a powerful girl, he plans to use Frankie for military uses for the company WARPA for a project Q. Knowing this, Sigourney moves away from the EGG as far as possible and wants Frankie to live a normal high school girl life. During Highschool, Frankie makes a new rival Tammy and a new friend Dayton. While the family tries hard to keep the secret of the Frankie, it’s not just Mr Kingston who is after Frankie to find her. The EGG is willing to do anything and go any distance to find Frankie to user her for their military purposes. You’ll enjoy the twists and turns in this series.

I am Frankie Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

There is no news of renewal of the third season of the show. Though, given the ratings, the show is most likely to get renewed.

I am Frankie Season 2 Trailer

Here is the first look of the I am Frankie season 2.