I May Destroy You Episode 8: When and Where to Watch?

I May Destroy You‘ opens us to a person dealing with the trauma of being sexually assaulted. Arabella goes out for a night to unwind since she cannot cope with her writer’s block and impending deadline. By the next morning, she wakes up with no memories of what happened. She starts unraveling the sequence of events, and the horror of the sexual assault dawns on her. Since then, we have seen Arabella and several others struggle to cope with what happened.

Arabella tries to regain control of her body, but it doesn’t quite help. Finally, in the last episode, we see her in therapy, where she begins to move towards acceptance of what happened to her. Curious to find out what goes down in the latest episode? We have the rundown and spoilers about when and where to watch the upcoming installment.

I May Destroy You Episode 8 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘I May Destroy You’ Episode 8 is slated to be released on Monday, July 27, 2020, at 9 PM ET. The upcoming episode is titled “Line Spectrum Border.”

Where to Stream I May Destroy You?

‘I May Destroy You’ is on HBO, meaning you can catch it with a cable subscription. If you don’t have one, head to HBO Now or HBO Go, which are the network’s streaming sites. Cord cutters are on the rise, and options have been made available to them, like DirecTVAmazon Prime subscribers can stream and watch the series by adding the HBO pack to their existing plans. After a week-long trial period, it costs $14.99 per month.

I May Destroy You Episode 8 Spoilers:

Arabella hatches a risky plan, when the investigation to find who assaulted her, runs into a dead end. She convinces Terry to bankroll it, though he is not entirely on board. Meanwhile, Kwame deals with his sexual assault by deciding to explore the full spectrum of his sexuality.

I May Destroy You Episode 7 Recap:

The episode sees Arabella continuing her therapy, articulating her trauma, and the system within which this trauma exists. However, she draws a line between survivors and non-survivors, which doesn’t let her realize that Kwame and Terry are right there alongside her. The internet attention seems to have made Arabella all the more self-centered, and the current installment makes it clear that she is not a great friend.

We understand some of her past actions were entirely selfish, but at the same time, we get a glimpse of why Terry is so invested in Arabella’s healing. She was the one who convinced Simon to leave Arabella at the club, the night of her assault. Of course, she didn’t know Arabella had been drugged, but she feels guilty now. Finally, we see the financial impact of Arabella’s healing process.

She goes to meet Susy, asking for more time for her book. However, the latter tells her there are contracts and deadlines which cannot be missed. Arabella had expected more support from the black sisterhood, but Susy goes to the extent of exploring how rape might be appealing as a topic. While this is not what Arabella needs right now, ‘I May Destroy You’ expertly highlights how we must all accept the responsibilities we agreed to, and how they might not always arrive at the right time.

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