iCarly Reboot Episode 11: What to Expect?

In the latest episode of the ‘iCarly’ reboot, Carly and Freddie accidentally land on a romantic getaway that was supposed to be an all-girls trip. It was initially reserved for Carly, Harper, and Brooke, but no one except for Carly was ready. Harper then meets someone important from her past. If you want to continue reading, you can check out the recap and recall the events of episode 10. Now, if you’re excited about the next episode, we have certainly got your back.

iCarly Reboot Episode 11 Release Date

‘iCarly’ reboot episode 11 will release on August 12, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. The first season has 13 episodes in total, and new episodes drop every Thursday. Each episode has a runtime of 23-26 minutes each.

Where to Watch iCarly Reboot Episode 11 Online?

If you own a subscription to Paramount+, you can watch ‘iCarly’ reboot episode 11 at the date and time mentioned above. The latest episodes of the show are exclusively available on the streamer.

iCarly Reboot Episode 11 Spoilers

In the eleventh episode of the ‘iCarly’ reboot, our favorite residents of Bushwell Plaza will return to makes us laugh. Now that Harper has left her job, Carly might help her look for other options. It was evident from the previous episode that the chemistry between Carly and Freddie has not completely dwindled. It will be interesting to see where they are emotionally headed in the coming episodes.

iCarly Reboot Episode 10 Recap

In the tenth episode titled ‘ iTake a Girls’ Trip,’ Carlie has packed her bags and is all set to take some time off on a girls’ retreat. Harper and Brooke are supposed to tag along, but the moment Carly enters the apartment, both of them bail on her. Maeve, Harper’s estranged cousin, Maeve shows up at the door, and as expected, they are elated to have found each other again. Maeve had been kidnapped by a notorious pack of pirates four years ago.

Harper had discarded all hopes of seeing Maeve ever since, but their luck finally pulled through. Having no other option, Carly forces Freddie to accompany her, but when they are accidentally assigned a honeymoon suite with roses strewn all over the bed, both of them become aware of the tension that still exists between them. However, before anything could ever happen, there is a knock at the door, and Brooke, all of a sudden, shows up in her “vacay” mode. Freddie panics and pushes Carly away, hoping he could hit it off with Brooke.

Bored out of her wits, Carly ends up calling Harper, who has also been sidelined by her cousin Maeve out on the balcony romancing Spencer. They knew they liked each other the moment their eyes met, and Maeve, in the end, decides to stay back in Seattle at Spencer’s. Carly then shows herself in front of Brooke and reveals that she had arrived with Freddie. Brooke takes it the wrong way and proposes a threesome that the other two vehemently refuse.

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