If Loving You Is Wrong S05 E03: When and Where to Watch?

Tyler Perry’s soap opera is headed towards an end, but it continues to entertain us, as it always has. ‘If Loving You is Wrong‘ takes a look at the lives and relationships between husbands and wives living on Castillo Lane, in the fictional Maxine community. As is evident, the characters are multi-layered and keep working their angles.

It makes the narrative all the more exciting while infusing the most delightful moments of drama. The last episode sees Alex trying to run from her responsibilities. While one has come to expect such behavior from Alex, it is still jarring that she can afford to be reckless towards her kids as well. Even though we have seen this from the start, we have not gotten accustomed to Alex’s shenanigans.

In this light, you might be wondering what the upcoming episode has in store. We have got the spoilers, and will also tell you when and where to catch the latest installment to the final season.

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5 Episode 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ Season 5 Episode 3 is slated to be released on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 10 pm ET, on OWN. The upcoming episode is titled “Under the Influence.”

Where to Watch If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5 Episode 3 Online?

‘If Loving You is Wrong’ is on OWN. Thus, you should be able to watch the show with a cable connection if you tune in at the above mentioned time. However, if you don’t happen to have a cable subscription, you can always head to the OWN site to stream the latest episodes. You can also make use of the OWN app.

There’s no denying that we have seen a rise in cord-cutters in recent times. Since they make up a large section of the viewer base, options have been made available to them. Some of the platforms that’ll let you stream the show include DirecTV, Fubo TV, and Philo TV.

If you are a Hulu subscriber, you can stream and watch the latest episodes on the platform. Amazon Prime users have the option of buying and streaming episodes on the platform.

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5 Episode 3 Spoilers:

In “Under the Influence,” we see Kelly fighting for her freedom. The widow and single mother, has remained one of the most famous protagonists over the season. We have invested heavily in her tale of how she longs to get married to Travis, her boyfriend.

Kelly has never backed down from setting an excellent example for Justice, her eight-year-old daughter. Travis promised to help raise her son after returning from Haiti. However, with Kelly trying to ascertain her position in life, as well as society, it seems logical that she’s willing to handle things herself.

However, to put up a fight is no easy task, and Kelly taps into her inner strength to stand her ground. In this light, the episode becomes a beautiful contrast between Alex shirking her responsibilities, and Kelly digging her heels in, to face her duties. Undoubtedly, the upcoming episode will be a fascinating addition.

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