Is If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Cancelled?

Oprah Winfrey Network’s hit soap opera, ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’, follows a bunch of friends and frenemies who reside in the same neighborhood. The sexy, racy series chronicles the journeys of the individuals as they navigate their complex love lives. The story starts off with neighbors Randal and Alex getting entangled in a torrid affair.

Randal’s wife, Marcie wants to become a mother but Randal is more focussed on his best friend Brad’s wife. Meanwhile, divorcée Esperanza attempts to get on with life while pursuing a romance with Julius — a fact she hides from her ex-husband, Edward. Just down the street, Kelly dreams of marrying Travis while single mother Natalie raises her kids alone. Lushion, Frank’s mum returns to town and Natalie considers if she should allow her son in the house after his release from prison.

The show premiered way back in September 2014 and since then, it has spanned five incredible seasons. Across the seasons, we have seen the characters evolve considerably, in terms of their personal relationships and individual journeys. The fifth outing, which landed in March 2020, brings in some explosive twists to the storyline. It gives some much-awaited answers to fans while showcasing massive catastrophes that leave Castillo Lane reeling with life-changing consequences. With so many events happening in a single season, viewers must be wondering if there will be another iteration of the addictive drama. Read on for some detailed insights.

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ Season 5 premiered on March 31, 2020, on OWN. It ended with its 12th episode on June 16, 2020. In February 2020, ahead of the Season 5 premiere, the channel announced that the fifth installment would be the last outing from the series. OWN did not give any explanation behind the cancellation but it appears that since the story wraps up with all the answers in the finale, the decision was long-planned. Moreover, creator Tyler Perry signed a multiyear content partnership with ViacomCBS in 2017, when his deal with OWN ended. As he continues to ramp up development and production with ViacomCBS, his shows on OWN are slowly being pulled out.

Tina Perry, president OWN, additionally confirmed the news of the show’s end in a press release. She said: “We are grateful to Tyler Perry and the talented cast and crew for giving us five incredibly entertaining seasons. We can’t wait for fans to see the jaw-dropping storylines that are going to unfold this season. It delivers all the juicy drama as only Tyler Perry can.”

So, there you go! ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ Season 6 is officially canceled. However, it left off on a satisfactory note, giving the much-required closure to fans. Therefore, we have no reasons for complaints!

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