Impeachment: American Crime Story Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers

The latest episode of ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ covers the President’s testimony on his relations with Monica Lewinsky. His wife, Hillary Clinton, shows up to a series of press meetings for much-needed damage control. In the meantime, Starr is determined to find all the evidence that could officially put Clinton in the wrong. For a descriptive take on the events that transpire in episode 8, you can go through the recap we have provided. Now, we’d like to tell you everything we know about ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ episode 9!

Impeachment: American Crime Story Episode 9 Release Date

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ episode 9 is set to premiere on November 2, 2021, at 10 pm ET on FX. The third season of the crime anthology series contains ten episodes, each having a runtime of about 42-45 minutes. Fresh episodes release on the channel every week on Tuesdays.

Where to Watch Impeachment: American Crime Story Episode 9 Online?

Folks with an active cable subscription can watch ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ episode 9 directly on FX when the episode airs on the network. You can also opt to stream the new episode on FX’s official website or FX Now by logging in using your active cable subscription credentials.

If you haven’t subscribed to any cable services, you can watch the episode on live-streaming platforms such as Fubo TVSling TVYouTubeTVHulu + Live TVVidgoXfinity, and DirecTV. The show’s latest episodes can also be purchased on VOD platforms such as VuduGoogle Play, YouTubeiTunesSpectrum, and Amazon Prime Video.

Impeachment: American Crime Story Episode 9 Spoilers

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ episode 9 is titled ‘The Grand Jury.’ As the President’s life is beginning to fall apart, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp will dramatically take control of their own publicity as they reveal their experiences to 23 strangers. They would be hoping to turn the public opinion in their favor.

However, we doubt if it will have any impact on the polls, which are still clearly siding with the President. Clinton would end up winning the 1992 elections anyway, and that too, by a considerable margin. It will still be interesting to see how Hillary fares with the circumstances. You can look at the promo to know more!

Impeachment: American Crime Story Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode, titled ‘Stand By Your Man,’ opens with the press conference during the 1992 election where Gennifer Flowers had claimed that she had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton. Hillary is expected to maintain a submissive countenance, but she boldly states that she loves and respects the man she married. Even after Lewinsky’s case hits the news, Hillary begins her public appearances to fizzle the fire of the controversy.

However, Starr appoints the Altar Boys to score a writing sample from Lewinsky along with her fingerprints. She decides to fire her lawyer Ginsburg and the new team she recruits gets in touch with Starr. They find Bill Clinton’s DNA on the blue dress worn by Lewinsky, which becomes an occasion of celebration for the independent counsel. Before the testimony, Clinton reluctantly admits to his wife about his sexual relations with Lewinsky, but not without putting all the blame on her.

Clinton uses Paula’s definition of sexual relations that means “touching certain parts on another person to arouse or gratify” to get away with his deed. Since he never intended to touch her in a sexual way, he could be excused of all allegations. Starr uses this opportunity to ask if kissing counts as sexual relations leaving the President stupefied. Moreover, he has completely lost Hillary’s trust in him to the point he is sent to the guest house with his belongings.

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