When Will Impossible Engineering Season 8 Premiere?

‘Impossible Engineering’ is a documentary series about heavy and complicated machines that airs on the Science Channel. The show first premiered on April 13, 2015. With big-budget hit productions like ‘How It’s Built’, ‘Factory Mode’, and ‘Build It Bigger’, the mechanical and engineering shows on science forms an ever-expanding arsenal. If not within the highest tier of these shows, ‘Impossible Engineering’ ranks reasonably high for the network to have run it for as long as it has.

The exclusive Science Channel undertaking: ‘Impossible Engineering: Extreme Railroads’ was a special feature that they ran as a part of the show. The mainline show takes a look into the breakthroughs that have shaped the breathtaking feats of modern construction over the recent past, and ‘Extreme Railroads’ follows suit in this, looking at world’s biggest – famous or otherwise – feats in railroad construction through often offbeat, uncanny, and sometimes even ridiculous geospatial circumstances.

The show, since its launch, has had 7 successful seasons. Now the question is: when will ‘Impossible Engineering’ season 8 premiere? Let’s find out.

Impossible Engineering Season 8 Release Date:

‘Impossible Engineering’ Season 7 premiered on January 1, 2020. It consisted of 8 episodes and ended with its finale on February 19, 2020. Almost immediately after, the show was renewed for its eighth edition. ‘Impossible Engineering’ season 8 premieres on July 15, 2020, at 9 pm ET on Science.

Impossible Engineering Season 8 Narrator

Structurally, almost the entire show, save for close-ups, diagrams and illustrations, and the cursory interviews, is made up of panoramic shots of breathtaking locales, or the constructions themselves, with the voice of the narrator introducing the audience to the featured project and telling the what’s and why’s of its significance both mechanically and historically. Such a structure is very common among documentaries on large-scale events or topics, but it works unexpectedly well for a show about modern-day engineering. The crucial point is that this requires a robust and charismatic voice in the narrator’s role, and Mike Bratton fits the profile perfectly.

Even though Bratton does not have a long voice-acting career, with only a handful of shows to his name (like ‘Heroes of Cosplay’), he has been the host for the mainline show over the seasons, and we will be definitely seeing more from him in the upcoming season. The rest of the cast is situational, starring persons of interest, engineers, and field experts.

What Can Impossible Engineering Season 8 be About?

‘Impossible Engineering’ brings in a fresh package of intriguing facts and insights into a few of the world’s most well-known and uncannily brilliant works of modern engineering. The show highlights historic and modern breakthroughs in giant structures, buildings, and cutting-edge ships, trains, and planes. It also goes into the science behind the engineering feats.

However, where the show really stands out is in its portrayal of the projects that were challenging to construct. One immediately realizes that this is where the engineering brilliance lies, and the show is looking to make the viewers aware of that. They do this by tracing back the history of certain inventions that make these feats of engineering possible.

For instance, in the documentary’s railroad-specific segments, Science Channel spoke about the importance of railways and how they have connected the world and civilizations over long periods of time. In order to do so, the railroads have had to be built across unfavorable terrains like steep slopes, desolate deserts, impossible stretches of water, and rocky mountains.

The show provides exclusive access to what are some of our world’s most groundbreaking megaprojects. By talking to the engineers, and people behind the design and construction of this system, viewers are made aware of the hurdles they had to cross. Hopefully, the series will continue in a similar manner in the upcoming season, and we will be introduced to more marvels of engineering while managing to learn about the history of what made these feats possible in the first place.