Will There be an Impulse Season 3 on YouTube?

YouTube Premium has been in the game of streaming service for a couple of years now. With every year, it has been getting bigger and bolder with its ideas and ‘Impulse’ is a testimony of that. It is based on the novel of the same name by Steven Gould, adapted for YouTube by Jeffery Lieber. Lieber is best-known for being the co-creator of ‘Lost’. He also served as showrunner and executive producer for ‘NCIS: New Orleans’.

Impulse’ has had two successful seasons so far. But will there be an Impulse season 3? Here’s everything we know.

Impulse Cast: Who’s in it?

The cast of ‘Impulse’ is mainly made up of young, mostly unknown actors, considering that it is a teen drama. However, there are some familiar faces as well.

The lead character of Henrietta Coles is played by Maddie Hasson. Henry’s whole world changes the night she discovers that she can teleport. Hasson is known for her roles in ‘The Finder’, ‘Twisted’, ‘I Saw the Light’ and ‘Mr Mercedes’.

Sarah Desjardins plays the role of Henry’s stepsister, Jenna, who doesn’t like her. When she discovers that Henry has been sexually assaulted, she begins to cool down a little and they soon become closer. Tanner Stine plays the role of Clay Boone, the boy who tries to rape Henry and suffers serious injuries as the result of her first-time teleportation.

Enuka Okuma plays the role of Deputy Hulce who heads the investigation into Clay’s case, trying to get to the root of what actually happened that night. Okuma has many acting credits to her name, the most well-known of whom include ‘Rookie Blue’, ‘Madison’, ‘Sue Thomas: F. B. Eye’, ‘Hillside’, ‘Shadow Raiders’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. She is also known for voicing the Android 18 in ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

Keegan-Michael Key plays the role of Michael Pearce, a man who shares Henry’s powers. Key is best-known for his role in the acclaimed sketch series, ‘Key and Peele’. He has also appeared in ‘Playing House’, ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, ‘Parks and Recreation’, ‘Keanu’, ‘Tomorrowland’ and ‘Pitch Perfect 2’.

Missi Pyle plays the role of Henry’s mother, Cleo. Matt Gordon plays Jenna’s father, Thomas. Thomas and Cleo live together. Pyle has appeared in a great number of films and TV shows. ‘The Artist’, ‘Big Fish’, ‘50 First Dates’, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Two and a Half Men’, ‘Two Broke Girls’ and ‘Mom’ are some of her best-known works.  David James Elliot joins the cast as Clay’s father, Bill Boone. He is a drug dealer who is otherwise known for his car dealership.

Other cast members include Callum Keith Rennie, Daniel Maslany. Aidan Devine, Shawn Doyle, Michael Reventar, Rohan Mead, Rachel Wilson and Michelle Nolden.

You can expect most of the main cast members to return if the show gets renewed for a third season.

Impulse Plot: What’s it about?

The story of ‘Impulse’ begins with Henrietta. She is a teenager who doesn’t feel like she belongs in her surroundings. Even though she tried hard to fit in and be like everyone else, she had a nagging feeling inside her that told her that something was different about her. And she discovers exactly what it is in one of the very worst ways. Henry (her nickname) is infatuated by Clay Boone, who is the trophy guy of the school. He is handsome, plays basketball and develops an interest in her. The mutual attraction brings them together and they start hanging out.

One night, while making out in his car, Clay attempts to take things further. When Henry refuses, he forces himself upon her. This leads her to have a seizure. At first, it feels like nerves to Henry, just a rush of adrenaline to save herself. But it is much more than that, and she realises that when she finds herself in a totally different place than Clay’s car. She just teleported herself, and she has no idea how.

Meanwhile, back in the car, Clay suffers the side-effects of her power. The energy destroys his truck, leaving him paraplegic in the process. Now that she knows what’s different about her, Henry begins to understand what it means. She discovers that most of the time, the teleportation is kicked on when she is going through some heavy emotional distress. Her mood controls her situation and she needs to learn to control it. But being almost raped doesn’t help her cause. She is still dealing with the trauma, which often elevates her emotional response, which, of course, makes her teleportation even more precarious.

Sometime later, it comes to her attention that she is not alone. There are others like her, and they are the only ones who can tell how she got this power. She also needs them to help her fend off the dangers that gravitate towards her because of her newfound abilities.

Impulse Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Impulse’ season 2 premiered on October 16, 2019. All 10 episodes were released on the same day.

Even though the show follows the concept of Gould’s book, the story and the characters greatly differ from its source material. This is also accounted by the fact that ‘Impulse’ is the third in a series of novels. However, this also gives the showrunners a chance to further explore the backstory of its protagonist and that of other characters.

The possibilities are endless for a sci-fi show, and when it receives a rave response as ‘Impulse’ did, there is no doubt that creators will be tempted to keep the show going. Though, a lot depends on whether YouTube wants to continue the show. We should hear from them soon, but if renewed, you can expect ‘Impulse’ season 3 to release sometime in on October or November, 2020.

Impulse Trailer

While you wait for the third season, you can spend your time by reliving the story again. Who knows, you might stumble upon something you had missed in the first watch! If you haven’t yet seen it, you should head over to YouTube Premium. Here is a sneak peek into the second season of ‘Impulse’.

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