Will There be an In Contempt Season 2 or is it Cancelled?

‘In Contempt’ is an American legal procedural drama that airs on the Black Entertainment Television (BET) channel. Created and written by Terri Kopp, who worked for three-and-a-half years at the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan, the show explores the unjust American justice system and how it is biased against people of color.

‘In Contempt’ Season 1 premiered in April 2018 and opened to a moderate reception. While not everyone enjoyed the show, those who did are now wondering whether it will return for a second season. So, will there be an ‘In Contempt’ season 2? Here’s everything we know about it.

In Contempt Cast: Who is in it?

In the show, Erica Ash plays the role of the protagonist, Gwen Sullivan, who is an opinionated and passionate public defender who genuinely cares for her clients, and stands up for those who cannot afford prohibitively expensive legal aid in Manhattan. However, Gwen’s headstrong nature when it comes to her work does not always work out for her, and she is often overstressed. Complicating matters for her further is her hard-to-please father, former Judge Earl Sullivan, who is played by Richard Lawson.

Christian Keyes, meanwhile, steps into the shoes of egotistic attorney Charlie Riggs, who is Gwen’s boss and friend with benefits. Mouna Traoré plays the role of rookie attorney Vanessa Winters, who slowly learns what it means to be “woke”. ‘Empire’ star Tobias Truvillion plays the role of former law professor and Gwen’s long-standing crush, Bennett Sherman. Daniel Kash plays another of Gwen’s bosses, Tom Delgado. Finally, Ronnie Rowe Jr. plays the role of Gwen’s professional nemesis, Assistant District Attorney E.J Dashay, thereby wrapping up the list of main cast members.

The show also has several recurring cast members who play minor characters who populate the different cases and story arcs. 

In Contempt Plot: What is it about?

While the show is not exactly based on creator Kopp’s experiences of working with the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan, it draws inspiration from the same. The show is primarily set in the world of a New York City legal aid office and follows the protagonist, Gwen Sullivan, who is a passionate public defender who steps up for those in need and fights for clients who cannot otherwise afford lawyers.

The show lays quite an emphasis on the unjust justice system in the US, where downtrodden people, especially people of color, are often unable to defend themselves in court. In this background, headstrong Gwen is shown to be someone who genuinely cares for her clients and tries to keep innocent people of color out of custody. In doing so, it also highlights the current situation in the US which has seen a rise of white supremacist sentiments and far-right groups of late. Consequently, the show’s addressal of the flaws in the US justice system does take on a political tone.

“This show will show you exactly what happens in the justice system—how much of a disadvantage we come into the courtroom with and why so many black men are in jail. This show is going to explain to you how they slipped through the cracks. This show is going to explain how we can use loopholes to get them out,” lead actress Erica Ash told The Root. “It’s an exciting time for me because it’s not all that great to be black in America right now, but it’s really great to be black in Hollywood. We’re finally starting to get the recognition that we’ve always deserved to have,” she added.

Further, actor Richard Lawson told the publication, “This TV series can create tremendous change in our world today, especially when the conditions are the way they are. This could be a revolutionary show. It could really get people to wake up and to do something. I’m excited to watch.”

However, as far as reception is concerned, it appears that viewers have not particularly enjoyed the show, and ‘In Contempt’ has a very mediocre rating of 6+/10 on IMDb. 

In Contempt Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘In Contempt’ season 1 premiered on April 10, 2018, on BET, and wrapped up with its 10th episode on June 12, 2018.

As far as viewership is concerned, we know that the show averaged around half a million viewers per episode, and that’s not too bad, considering that BET is not a giant of a channel.

However, here’s the thing. In September 2019, BET, in fact, pulled the plug on the show. The network did not state any particular reason but we suspect, low ratings and not-so-favorable numbers were the prime causes behind this decision. BET confirmed the news by releasing an official statement, which said: “At this time, BET Networks will not be moving forward with a second season of In Contempt. We are grateful to the incredible cast and producers. We would especially like to thank and recognize the acclaimed Executive Producers Terri Kopp, who created the series, Lance Samuels and Daniel Iron. We look forward to finding ways to continue in partnership. We are also excited to continue our relationship with the star of In Contempt, Erica Ash as she is set to star along Paula Patton in the film Sacrifice premiering this fall on BET+.”

So, here it is! ‘In Contempt’ season 2 stands officially cancelled and is not making a comeback on BET anytime soon.

In Contempt Trailer:

Below is the trailer for Season 1 to give you a glimpse into the show’s first installment.

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