Industry Episode 2: How And Where to Watch Online?

We have been there — all of us, once in our lifetime. The toxic corporate culture, fueled by hunger, ambition, and greed. HBO’s ‘Industry’ is one such show, which does a remarkable job in exploring this environment – by telling the story of a young batch of recruits in a leading investment bank in London. These graduates compete with each other to climb up the ladder of success while indulging in copious amounts of scheming, sacrifices, and Red Bull.

Created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, the show dropped on November 9, 2020, and kicks off by introducing us to a New Yorker named Harper. She manages to impress her boss Eric Tso when she mentions her high IQ score on her resume. Joining her is the overconfident Gus, the workaholic Hari, and the privileged Robert. As they scramble to secure a position for themselves in Pierpoint & Co, they let off their frustrations with alcohol, drugs, sex, and all-nighters.

Episode one additionally revels at highlighting workplace issues like gender, race, class, and privilege. We also meet Daria, who becomes Harper’s mentor, and Sara Dhadwal, who claims that she always has her employees’ best interests at heart. In short, ‘Industry’s premiere does a good job of reflecting the tough reality of the corporate world. Now, if you are done with its first episode, let us dive into the details of the second part.

Industry Episode 2 Release Date:

‘Industry’ episode 2 is slated to premiere on November 16, 2020, at 10 pm ET/PT & 9 pm CT on HBO. Season 1 consists of eight episodes.

Where to Stream Industry Episode 2 Online?

‘Industry’ drops new episodes every Monday at the above time slot. ‌If you’re a current HBO subscriber, you can watch the episodes as and when they drop on tv. Otherwise, with an existing id, you can also catch the show online on HBO’s official website. The series is available to stream on HBO Max as well.

Cord-cutters can check out the episodes on the multiple live-streaming platforms like Directv and YouTube TV. If  you have an HBO Max subscription, you can stream already released episodes on Hulu. Finally, ‘Industry’ can be streamed on Amazon Prime, if you have HBO added to your Prime subscription. Following their release in the US, new episodes drop on BBC Two the next day, i.e. Tuesdays at 9.15 pm. British viewers can stream the series on the BBC iPlayer service.

Industry Episode 2 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled ‘Quiet and Nice’ and its official synopsis goes as follows: “With Harper struggling to find her feet in a new city, Pierpoint throws a morale-boosting appreciation dinner which sees her challenging a drunken, irate Kenny, while Gus alienates senior management by discussing his team’s future. Meanwhile, Yasmin comes face to face with the culture of her new team and takes her flirtation with Robert to risky new heights.”

In the first episode, following Harper’s victory of landing a new client, she commits a major fraud of uploading false transcripts on the HR site. Episode 2 might see her attempting to vent out her frustrations to her colleagues. Meanwhile, Gus’s actions might end up affecting his future career prospects. Again, episode 2 might also highlight the repercussions of Robert and Yasmin’s romance that seems to be crossing boundaries.

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