Insecure S04 E06: Release Date & Streaming Details

Insecure Season 4

Finally, after a slow-burn build-up of the tension brewing between Molly and Issa, we finally get to the much-anticipated block party! So what happened that led to the ugly spat between the long-term friends? What we can tell you for sure is, the fight gets real ugly! Well, we will come to the details later in our recap section. On the other hand, if you have finished watching it, here’s a preview session for the next episode.

Insecure Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Insecure’ season 4 episode 6 is titled ‘Lowkey Done’. It is slated to premiere on May 17, 2020, on HBO, at 10 pm ET.

The official synopsis gives further insights into what the episode entails. It goes as follows: “In need of some positive vibes after the block party, Issa goes out of her way to do good for random people across Los Angeles, eventually turning to an unlikely source for comfort; Kelli urges her friends to reconcile.” You can also check out its promo below:

Where to Stream Insecure Season 4 Episode 6 Online?

The easiest way to catch the latest episodes of ‘Insecure’ is with the help of a cable subscription. Just tune-in to HBO on your tv screens every Sunday at 10 pm ET and you are sorted.

On the other hand, tv shows that air on HBO are pretty easy to stream online. You can download HBO GO or HBO Now on your device. The platforms upload episodes at the same time when they are released on cable. So you won’t miss out on anything. You just need to sign in with your HBO subscription and start streaming.

Again, there are several cable-free live-streaming options as well. You can watch ‘Insecure’ online on DirecTV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. Episodes, after their release, are additionally available on Hulu. What’s more? ‘Insecure’ is included in ‘HBO on Amazon’ as well. Previous seasons can be bought or rented on the platform.

Insecure Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 starts off after the events of last week’s episode, with Issa being totally dejected when Molly refuses to help her out. She fixes herself a quick snack and speaks to Nathan. When the conversation turns to Molly and Nathan asks if everything is okay between the two, Issa snaps: “Honestly, I don’t f*ck with Molly anymore.” Meanwhile, we see Molly on the day of the block party. She is deciding what to wear. She is a bit skeptical about whether she should go and finally decides that she will attend the event. Molly tells Andrew: “I love her, but I don’t really like her right now.”

At the venue, Issa is grooving to the music and happens to meet Condola — who reveals that she has broken up with Lawrence. Kelli, Tiffany, and Derek also arrive. Finally, Molly joins the party as well and shares a hug with Isaa. Vince reaches the party as the headliner and this is when Molly learns that Andrew had helped Issa secure Vince. Molly approaches Issa and confronts her about whether she had asked Andrew to help her. When Issa says yes, Molly counters by replying that this time, Issa has crossed boundaries. What follows is a furious exchange of accusations — thereby, ending the party in a state of chaos.

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