Insiders Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

‘Insiders’ is a reality television series created by Jose Velasco and Equipo Creativo iZen (iZen creative team). The Spanish series follows a group of contestants who believe they are in the final round of casting for a reality show. However, the contestants are actually being filmed from the beginning. They must perform a series of tasks to stand a chance to walk away with a grand cash prize of €100,000.

The exciting and mind-blowing show explores how the contestants’ nature changes when they feel no one is watching them. If you binged right through the first season and couldn’t get enough of all the drama generated by the show’s ingenious format, you must be wondering whether there will be another installment of the competition. In that case, here’s everything we know about ‘Insiders’ season 2!

Insiders Season 2 Release Date

‘Insiders’ season 1 released on October 21, 2021, on Netflix. All episodes of the debut season landed on the service on the same day. The first season contains seven episodes with a runtime of 43-60 minutes each.

Fans hoping to see the series return for a new season can rejoice as a follow-up installment has already been confirmed. Towards the end of the first season’s finale, host Najwa Nimri confirmed that a second season is in the works. She also hinted that the format would be tweaked a little, with at least one contestant knowing that the group is being filmed right from the start. As per reports in September 2021, Netflix Spain’s director of non-fiction content, Álvaro Díaz, revealed that the second season had been taped.

However, since the series has only premiered recently, Netflix will likely wait a while before finalizing a release date for the sophomore outing. If the series proves to be popular with viewers and demand for a new season is overwhelming, the streaming giant could drop the second season earlier than expected. Therefore, we can expect ‘Insiders’ season 2 to release sometime in 2022.

Insiders Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

‘Insiders’ season 1 features ‘Money Heist‘ star Najwa Nimri as the host who oversees the various rounds of the competition. The first season contestants are Bárbara (a make-up artist), Cynthia (a tourism graduate), Estefanía (a Student), Fama (a graduate in PE), Laura (a journalism graduate), Hugo (a chef), Iván Míguez (a restaurant manager), and Iván Molina (a professional poker player). Query (a hospital attendant and town councilman), Tatiana (a comedian), Nicole (a social media personality), Olaya (a store sales rep), and Peter (an engineer cum DJ) are the rest of the contestants.

For season 2, Nimri is likely to resume her hosting duties, and her involvement is seemingly confirmed given the tease at the end of season 1. The second season will feature an entirely new set of contestants. Like its predecessor, the new season could have 13 entrants as well. Contestants from the first season might return to help the production keep up the facade in front of the new contestants, but it would be a long shot.

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