10 Tom Hardy Facts That You Didn’t Know

Tom Hardy has already made his mark as one of the most versatile actors of our generation. Although we know about his acting from some of his brilliant movie performances in a relatively short career span, in his personal he is a very private person. Today, we will try to give you some little known facts about him that might throw some light on what kind of person he is.

 1. Tom was born in Hammersmith, London; his mother, Elizabeth Anne (Barrett), is an artist and painter, and his father, Edward Hardy, is a writer.


2. Tom spent his teens and early twenties battling delinquency, alcoholism and drug addiction; after completing his work on ‘Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)’.


3. Tom Hardy made his debut in a blink-you-miss role in Ridley Scott’s 2001 war film ‘Black Hawk Down’.


4. Tom joined Drama Centre London in September 1998 and was taken out early to work on Band of Brothers (2001). One of his classmates at drama school was Michael Fassbender, both appeared in Band of Brothers and Hardy stated that Fassbender was the best actor in the school.


5. He loves to drink coffee, Coke, fizzy water, fruit drinks, Red Bull and tea.


6. He had a dog named Max that was given to him when he was a teenager, he passed away in 2011. The dog’s name was an honor to Mad Max (1979). Years later, Hardy played the title character in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015).


7. The little finger on his right hand is permanently bent – he stabbed a knife into a chopping board and severed a tendon in his finger. This took three operations to be able to close his finger to make a fist, but it can not straighten.


8. Hardy shares an agent with actor Ewan McGregor: Lindy King. In fact, he has a tattoo with his agent’s name on his left arm.


9. Leonardo DiCaprio convinced him to read the script of The Revenant (2015) and take the role of John Fitzgerald. They became friends after starring together in Inception (2010).


10. He enjoys watching reality TV shows to get ideas for characters. He said: “It’s great people-watching. I’ll steal characters from Come Dine with Me (2005). Because they’re real people. I take something from everybody. I’ll steal you at some point…”.

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