Is 80 for Brady on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Based on actual events, ’80 for Brady’ is a sports comedy movie that revolves around four best friends who decide to attend the 2017 Super Bowl LI and watch their hero in action live in front of them. Helmed by Kyle Marvin, the football film stars some of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry, including Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field, and the 7-time Super Bowl Champion himself, Tom Brady.

The sports movie opened to mixed reviews from critics, but fans of Tom Brady, and football in general, are likely to find enough reasons to give it a try themselves. So, if you are one such viewer, you might be excited to learn more about the film in detail, including where you can watch it. Luckily for you, we have got you covered!

What is 80 for Brady About?

The narrative follows four elderly female friends — Lou, Trish, Maura, and Betty — who share a common love for New England Patriots, especially Tom Brady. However, lately, they find themselves quite bored with their mundane lives. So, to reintroduce some excitement back into their dull lives, they collectively decide to take a wild trip to the 2017 Super Bowl LI and watch Brady play. Do you wish to find out how their trip goes? Now that your interest has peaked, here are all the ways you can catch the sports comedy movie yourself!

Is 80 for Brady on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers might have to look for ’80 for Brady’ on other platforms as it is not a part of the streaming giant’s library. Instead, you can watch other sports movies using your subscription, such as ‘Home Team‘ and ‘Holy Goalie.’

Is 80 for Brady on HBO Max?

No, ’80 for Brady’ is unavailable for streaming on HBO Max. However, the streamer offers plenty of other alternatives that you might enjoy, such as ‘Gridiron Gang‘ and ‘Draft Day.’

Is 80 for Brady on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will be disappointed because ’80 for Brady’ is not on the platform. But don’t let it stop you from checking out other football-related movies that Hulu offers. You might enjoy watching ‘American Underdog.’

Is 80 for Brady on Amazon Prime?

Sadly, Amazon Prime doesn’t house ’80 for Brady’ in its extensive content catalog. Alternatively, you can turn to similar sports films available for streaming on the platform, including ‘Division III: Football’s Finest‘ and ‘Underdogs.’

Where to Watch 80 for Brady Online?

’80 for Brady’ has been exclusively released in theaters, which means that, as of now, you don’t have the option to watch the Tom Brady starrer online, be it by streaming or purchasing. So, if you don’t have enough patience and want an immersive experience on the big screen, you are welcome to check show timings and book tickets on the movie’s official website and Fandango.

How to Stream 80 for Brady For Free?

As mentioned above, ’80 for Brady’ is unavailable on any of the digital platforms as of writing. This, unfortunately, means that there is currently no way for you to stream the sports film for free. But what you can do is keep your hopes up and wait for it to land on any of the online platforms offering a free trial to its new subscribers. That said, we request our readers to be supportive of the art of cinema and watch their preferred content legally instead of turning to unethical means to try and watch it for free.

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