Is 86 Season 2 on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Prime?

Developed from a Japanese light novel series written by Asato Asato and illustrated by Shirabi, ‘86’ is a mecha science fiction anime. For the past nine years, the Republic of San Magnolia and the Empire of Giad have been in a war with each other. The citizens of the former nation believe that their country uses automated drones in the war. In reality, members of the disenfranchised Colorata community are forced to pilot the drones. Season 1 or cour 1 originally aired from April 11, 2021, to June 20, 2021. If you are wondering what the anime is about and where you can stream its second season, we got you covered.

What Is 86 Season 2 About?

In San Magnolia, the Colorata community faces institutionalized racism. They aren’t allowed to have their own names and are forced to live in the internment camps in the 86th district, which shares its name with the community. Vladilena “Lena” Mirizé is an Alban young woman serving as a major in the San Magnolia army. At the beginning of the anime, she becomes the handler of the infamous Spearhead Squadron, made up of elite 86 soldiers, and starts working together with its battlefield commander, Shinei “The Undertaker” Nouzen. As these two people desperately try to keep the soldiers under them alive, a deep bond forms between the two of them. In season 2, if Shinei and the rest of the unit have survived, they will make their way to what remains of the Empire of Giad. Meanwhile, Lena will continue to help the new Spearhead members under her.

Is 86 Season 2 on Netflix?

No, ‘86’ season 2 is not on Netflix. However, you can catch mecha anime shows like ‘Eden’ and ‘Godzilla Singular Point’ on the platform. You can also watch ‘AICO -Incarnation,’ a science fiction anime about a girl who comes to believe that she is a clone of someone who is trapped inside a mass of rapidly growing synthetic organisms and sets out to find answers with the help of a classmate.

Is 86 Season 2 on Amazon Prime?

No, ‘86’ season 2 is not available on Amazon Prime. Alternatively, viewers can watch ‘Evangelion:3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon a Time,’ ‘Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance,’ and ‘Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo’ on the platform. All three of these anime films are part of the immensely popular ‘Evangelion’ series.

Is 86 Season 2 on Hulu?

No, ‘86’ Season 2 is not available on Hulu. However, viewers can watch ‘Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar’ on the platform. It’s an original video animation series that revolves around Kenshi Masaki, who is transported from Earth to a different planet, where countries use machines known as Sacred Mechanoids in their war against each other. Circumstances lead Kenshi to become the attendant of Princess Lashara Earth XXVIII so he can protect her from her enemies.

Where to Watch 86 Season 2 Online?

Viewers outside Asia can catch the second season of the show on Crunchyroll and VRV. In Southeast Asia, episodes of ‘86’ season 2 can be watched on iQIYI and Bilibili.

How to Stream 86 Season 2 for Free?

With the second season streaming on Crunchyroll, viewers can use their two-week trial period to watch the anime. After that, they have to pay a subscription fee. We always encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume.

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