Is A Hero on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Image Credit: Amir Hossein Shojaei/Amazon Studios

‘A Hero’ is an Iranian film that tells the story of Rahim, who is in prison for failing to repay a loan he had taken. After getting a leave from prison, Rahim tries to execute an audacious plan to repay his creditor but faces a moral dilemma in the process. The movie is written and directed by Asghar Farhadi and was selected as an entry into the 74th Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Grand Prix.

The thriller drama film has received critical acclaim, with praise aimed towards its direction, characterization, and themes. If you enjoy complex movies that examine heavy themes such as morality, ‘A Hero’ is definitely your cup of tea, and here’s where you can watch it online!

What is A Hero About?

‘A Hero’ is set in the city of Shiraz, where Rahim is spending a 3-year sentence in prison for failing to repay the money he had borrowed. He is released from jail for two days to spend time with his family. Rahim meets with his girlfriend Farkhondeh and learns about a handbag that contains 17 gold coins. Rahim plans to sell the gold coins and use the money to repay his creditor Bahram.

However, when the value of the coins falls short of the sum Rahim owes Bahram, he is forced to find an alternate solution. Rahim then decides to return the bag and publicize the act to ensure his release from prison. Whether or not Rahim’s plan succeeds makes up for the rest of the plot.

Is A Hero on Netflix?

Netflix boasts an exciting collection of original and acquired entertainment offerings. However, the service currently does not hold the streaming rights for ‘A Hero.’ As an alternative, you can stream ‘Choked,’ which revolves around a young woman stuck under the burden of paying countless bills and her husband’s debts until she finds a secret source of income.

Is A Hero on Amazon Prime?

‘A Hero’ is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Subscribers of the service can enjoy the movie at no additional cost. You can also watch director Asghar Farhadi’s ‘The Salesman‘ on the platform.

Is A Hero on Hulu?

Hulu has a vast and diverse entertainment library, but it does not currently offer ‘A Hero’ to its users. Alternatively, users of the service can opt to watch ‘Shoplifters,’ a Japanese film that follows a Tokyo-based family of petty thieves whose lives turn upside down after their young son is arrested.

Is A Hero on HBO Max?

‘A Hero’ is not a part of HBO Max’s entertainment catalog. As an alternative, users of the service can check out ‘Pather Panchali,’ a Bengali-language movie about a mother’s quest to provide for her family while living in extremely impoverished circumstances in a small Indian village.

Where to Watch A Hero Online?

‘A Hero’ received a limited theatrical release on January 7, 2021. If you wish to watch the movie at a theater, you can check the show timings or book tickets here. The film is being released digitally by Amazon Prime Video; therefore, it is unlikely to land on any other streaming services or VOD platforms.

How to Stream A Hero For Free?

A simple way to watch ‘A Hero’ for free is by signing up for the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Video, which the service offers to new users. However, we encourage our readers to pay for the content they wish to consume online.

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