Is Barbarian on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Directed by Zach Cregger, ‘Barbarian’ is a horror movie that follows a woman named Tess Marshall who has traveled to Detroit, Michigan, for a job interview. During her stay in an Airbnb, she becomes suspicious of fellow resident Keith Toshko. On one of her nightly wanderings in search of toilet paper, Tess finds a secret room in the basement, which she and Keith decide to investigate.

Shortly after, the Airbnb’s owner, an actor named AJ Gilbride, arrives at his property with the intent to sell it. However, what he discovers leads him and Tess on a horror-filled journey. Starring Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long, ‘Barbarian’ is full of captivating twists and story elements that are sure to make the genre’s fans happy. If you have been intrigued by the movie’s premise and want to know where to watch it, we have your back!

What is Barbarian About?

‘Barbarian’ is set in an Airbnb in Detroit, Michigan, where Tess Marshall arrives to give a job interview. Though thrown off by the suspicious behavior of fellow resident Keith Toshko, she decides to stay another night in the house. Albeit, when Tess ventures out at night to look for toilet paper, she stumbles upon a hidden room in the basement, which contains a tripod, a bed, and blood all over the place. This unfolds a series of horrifying events as Tess and AJ Gilbride, the property owner, try to evade the one wreaking havoc. Now, for those eager to know how to catch the movie, we have the answers you need!

Is Barbarian on Netflix?

No, ‘Barbarian’ is not a part of Netflix’s catalog. However, the streaming giant does offer some scary movies like ‘Eli‘ and ‘The Open House.’ The films revolve around characters, who move to a new residence and find themselves in a dire situation, that may have fatal consequences.

Is Barbarian on Hulu?

Hulu does not host ‘Barbarian’ in its content library. Although, for those who liked the premise of the Georgina Campbell-starrer, the streaming service does offer other options like ‘The Night.’ The movie follows a couple trapped in a hotel with several real and imaginary demons.

Is Barbarian on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime members cannot watch ‘Barbarian’ using their subscription. Instead, they can check out similar alternatives on the streamer, such as ‘Home Sweet Home‘ and ‘New Year’s Evil.‘ Both movies explore different horror elements in sinister houses.

Is Barbarian on HBO Max?

While ‘Barbarian’ is not a part of HBO Max’s roster, the platform does offer some similar movies that will surely keep you hooked. For those intrigued by the premise of scary events in a hotel, we recommend ‘The Shining.’ Based on Stephen King’s eponymous book, the film is one of the iconic movies in the horror genre that you cannot miss. For another movie with a similar concept, you can check out ‘Hostel.’

Where to Watch Barbarian Online?

As of writing, ‘Barbarian’ is exclusively available in theatres and can’t be found on any online platforms. If you want to check show timings and book tickets to watch the horror movie in a nearby theatre, head here!

How to Stream Barbarian for Free?

Given the select theatrical release of ‘Barbarian,’ you cannot currently watch the horror movie online for free. All you can do is hope it soon arrives on any digital platform offering free trials to new users. That said, we urge our readers not to use any illegal means to watch the movie and pay for applicable subscriptions.

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