Is Bloods on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

‘Bloods’ is a British sitcom that revolves around Maleek and Wendy, a pair of paramedics who deal with emergency medical calls together. The partnership that seems like a mismatch in the beginning turns out to be exactly the opposite as they get along with each other more than just fine.

Created by Samson Kayo and Nathan Bryon, the comedy series features some hilarious performances from Jane Horrocks, Samson Kayo, Lucy Punch, Julian Barratt, Adrian Scarborough, and Aasiya Shah. Thanks to the well-timed dark humor sprinkled in the narrative, viewers find themselves hooked and wanting more. Sounds interesting? Well, here is all the information you need if you want to know more about the sitcom and where you can watch it!

What is Bloods About?

Maleek, a tough-acting loner, is paired up with an amicable divorcee named Wendy in a south London emergency service. This pairing seems like the start of a horrible partnership. But to everyone’s surprise, Maleek and Wendy grow on each other and end up being a pillar of support to one another. Both deal with different kinds of quirky people from all over the city while having some good laughs together. If you wish to join in and have a few laughs yourself, let’s see where you can stream the series online!

Is Bloods on Netflix?

No, ‘Bloods’ is not included in the expansive collection of movies and TV shows on Netflix. But you can watch other sitcoms on the platform such as ‘Lovesick‘ and ‘Space Force.’ Much like ‘Bloods,’ the former is a sitcom that involves certain medical aspects while the latter focuses on people with different personalities coming together to work as a team.

Is Bloods on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will feel lucky as ‘Bloods’ is available on the streaming platform. You can watch the comedic adventures of the mismatched paramedic pair right here.

Is Bloods on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime subscribers will have to look for ‘Bloods’ on other streaming platforms as it is not a part of its library. For fans who enjoy comedy and shows set in a hospital setting, you may choose to watch ‘Getting On‘ and ‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.’

Is Bloods on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, you cannot watch ‘Bloods’ on HBO Max as it is not a part of the streamer’s library. Meanwhile, you can check out other alternatives, including ‘South Side‘ and ‘Rizzoli & Isles.’ Both series are about interesting partnerships, like Maleek and Wendy in the British sitcom.

Where to Watch Bloods Online?

Since Sky One is the primary network where ‘Bloods’ airs, British viewers can watch the comedy series on Sky One’s official website. For fans in the USA, Hulu seems to be the only option. Therefore, you will require a subscription to the platform. The series is not available for rent or purchase either.

How to Stream Bloods for Free?

Fortunately, Hulu offers a 30-day free trial of its services to new subscribers. You can use it to catch at least six episodes for free, but you will eventually need a subscription to watch newly released episodes. So, if you haven’t subscribed to the streamer yet, now might be the right time. Moreover, it is always best to pay and watch your favorite content legally instead of resorting to illegal means to watch it for free.

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