Is BTS In The Soop Season 2 on Netflix, Hulu, Prime? Where to Watch In The Soop Online?

The popularity of the K-Pop boy band BTS is unparalleled. The band members enjoy a massive fan-following, and their fans are always eager to get a slice of the musicians’ lives. Ruling the hearts of millions of music lovers across the globe is no easy feat and can sometimes be taxing. Therefore, BTS members take time out of their busy schedules to recharge themselves.

Their vacation experiences are documented in the South Korean reality series ‘BTS In The Soop’ (soop means forest). After the groundbreaking success of the first season, the series is back with a new installment, and we are sure the BTS army cannot wait to watch the latest episodes. Here’s how you can stream ‘BTS In The Soop’ online!

What Is BTS In The Soop Season 2 About?

In ‘BTS In The Soop’ season 2, the BTS band members introspect on the memories they made during the first season and share their hopes for the second installment. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook choose activities and hobbies which they usually do not have the time for due to their busy schedules. In the second season, the BTS members reside at a mountainside house renovated to accommodate the group’s interests and reserved exclusively for them. Jungkook’s pet, Bam, a Dobberman puppy, also joins the group during their vacation. A few weeks of fun, frolic, and relaxation begins for the band members.

Is BTS In The Soop Season 2 on Netflix?

Netflix currently does not hold the streaming rights to ‘BTS In The Soop.’ Therefore, season 2 is currently unavailable on the service. Instead, you can check out ‘Blackpink: Light Up the Sky,’ a documentary about the Korean girl band Blackpink.

Is BTS In The Soop Season 2 on Amazon Prime?

‘BTS In The Soop’ season 2 isn’t among the titles included in your subscription to Amazon Prime or available on-demand at the moment. Until that changes, fans of boy bands can watch ‘One Direction: Going Our Way,’ which documents the journey of the titular band’s rise to prominence.

Is BTS In The Soop Season 2 on Hulu?

Hulu’s entertainment catalog currently does not house ‘BTS In The Soop’ season 2. As an alternative, we recommend you check out ‘The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years,’ a documentary that highlights The Beatles’ era of popularity.

Where to Watch BTS In The Soop Season 2 Online?

‘BTS In The Soop’ season 2 is streaming on WeVerse. It is a Korean streaming platform, but users across the globe can sign up for it. The series isn’t currently available on any other platform.

How to Watch BTS In The Soop Season 2 Online For Free?

‘BTS In The Soop’ season 2 episodes need to be purchased through the WeVerse store and only then can be accessed on the web or mobile platforms. Therefore, there is no way to watch the series for free as of now. We advise our readers to consume all content legally and to pay for the content they consume online.

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