Is Dear Evan Hansen on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Spearheaded by director Stephen Chbosky and based on a screenplay by Steven Levenson, ‘Dear Evan Hansen‘ is a beautiful and heart-warming coming-of-age film that everyone should experience. Starring talents like Ben Platt, Kaitlyn Dever, Amandla Stenberg, and Nik Dodani, among others, the film follows Evan Hansen, a teenager living with social anxiety who experiences the wonders of self-discovery and friendship. If you, too, want to witness this powerful transformation and have plans to watch the film, here’s how you can!

What Is Dear Evan Hansen About?

At its core, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is a journey we witness through Evan’s eyes as he learns to cope with hardships and gradually learns to manage his anxiety. A teenager like any other, Evan too has hopes and dreams he wants to accomplish, but his mental health holds him back from unfurling his wings. Thus, after taking a suggestion from his therapist, Evan decides to write letters about everything good that might happen in a day.

The letters do not provide instant gratification but rather lead to his friend Connor’s heartbreaking suicide. Although his death affects Evan deeply, it proves to be a turning point in his life as the tragedy brings him closer to Zoe. Desperate to keep Connor’s memory alive, the friends embark on a journey that changes Evan’s life. The film is a beautiful reminder that although life can seem extremely dark, there is that one silver lining that keeps us going.

Is Dear Evan Hansen on Netflix?

No, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is not a part of Netflix’s impressive catalog. However, if you have a subscription to the streamer and are set on watching a touching coming-of-age drama, we recommend films like ‘Lady Bird,’ ‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser,’ or ‘Alex Strangelove.’

Is Dear Evan Hansen on Hulu?

Unfortunately, a subscription to Hulu will not allow you to watch ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ since the film is not a part of its video library. But on a positive note, you can use Hulu to catch up on other heartwarming movies like ‘Whip It,’ ‘Princess Cyd,’ or ‘Boy.’

Is Dear Evan Hansen on Amazon Prime Video?

We are sad to report that ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is unavailable on Amazon Prime Video at the moment. However, the platform is home to numerous other coming-of-age films like ‘The Spectacular Now,’ ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things,’ and ‘Chemical Hearts.’

Is Dear Evan Hansen on HBO Max?

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is unavailable on HBO Max. However, you can watch other teen dramas like Freaky and Unpregnant on the platform.

Where To Watch Dear Evan Hansen Online?

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is set to release in theaters on September 24, 2021, and will not release online. Thus, as of this date, there is no streaming or live TV service that will allow you to watch the movie online. So, to catch the movie in theaters, you can check for tickets and timings right here.

How To Stream Dear Evan Hansen For Free?

With no online options available to watch the movie, there is no way to stream ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ for free. So, your only option to enjoy this movie is by attending a screening at a nearby movie theatre.

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