Is Dr. Stone: New World on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, or Funimation?

‘Dr. Stone’ is an adventure comedy anime that is inspired by the eponymous Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki. The show centers upon Taiju Ooki, a seemingly ordinary high schooler whose life takes an unexpected turn after a blinding green lightening strikes Earth following which every human on the planet is supposedly turned into a stone. When Taiju eventually wakes up several millennia later, he finds his science-loving friend Senkuu and the two vow to take responsibility to forge the future of mankind.

This marks the beginning of their hilarious misadventures that challenges them at every turn. First released on July 5, 2019, the science fiction series is now in its third season and has amassed a huge global fanbase. In case you are also excited about the latest installment and plan to watch it, then here’s all the streaming information you are going to need.

What is Dr. Stone: New World About?

‘Dr. Stone: New World’ or ‘Dr. Stone’ season 3 is all set to focus on the Source of the Petrification Saga that comprises the Age of Exploration Arc and the Treasure Island Arc. Senku and Tsukasa will join hands in the latest installment as they take on Hyoga after getting betrayed by him. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Science is going through an existential crisis ever since the cave of miracles was destroyed and it has become extremely crucial that Senku and his comrades find Platinum for the creation of revival fluid.

This search eventually leads them to Treasure Island where they are shocked to find previously unexpected mysteries. But things spiral out of control only when it is revealed that the people there possess the power of petrification. The action-packed drama and mystery that is expected to be revealed in the latest installment have already got the fans excited. If you wish to watch the anime, then you can use the below-mentioned streaming information.

Is Dr. Stone: New World Available on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers who are looking for ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ on the platform will be disappointed since the popular series is not available as of now. Since the anime is highly unlikely to arrive on the streaming giant even in the future, we recommend our readers watch ‘Erased‘ instead.

Is Dr. Stone: New World on Hulu?

Although the latest installment is not part of Hulu’s current catalog, subscribers can still watch the first season of the time travel anime here.

Is Dr. Stone: New World on Amazon Prime?

Fans can rent or purchase all the episodes of the first three installments here.

Is Dr. Stone: New World on Funimation?

The third season of the popular shounen anime is part of Funimation’s massive catalog. Subscribers can stream previous installments or simply watch the latest episodes here.

Is Dr. Stone: New World on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll has licensed ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ for streaming outside Japan. You can watch all new episodes in Japanese audio with English subtitles here.

Where to Watch Dr. Stone: New World Online?

‘Dr. Stone: New World’ is currently not accessible on any other platform.

How to Stream Dr. Stone: New World for Free?

VRV gives first-time subscribers a 30-day trial while Crunchyroll users can take advantage of the 14-day free trial period to watch the anime free of cost. However, one will have to watch all the episodes in the trial period itself. We encourage our readers to refrain from using illegal means and watch their favorite content online only after paying for them.

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