Is Elvis on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

Directed, co-written, and co-produced by Baz Luhrmann, ‘Elvis’ is a biographical musical drama film. The film recounts the story of Elvis’ enigmatic life from the perspective of his complicated relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The film not only sheds light on the legendary career of the evergreen rockstar but also offers an intimate understanding of his early life that shaped who he was as a human being.

Starring Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Christopher Sommers, Gary Clark Jr., and Helen Thomson, the film is a must-watch for every Elvis fan or anyone who wishes to learn more about the superstar who changed the entertainment industry forever. Here’s everything you need to know about the film’s premise or streaming details.

What is Elvis About?

Born in a small town in Mississippi in 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley went on to become one of the biggest entertainers of the 20th century and influenced the music and film industry in unthinkable ways. ‘Elvis’ recounts the story of his meteoric rise to superstardom through the prism of his two-decades-long relationship with Colonel Tom Parker, his less-known mysterious manager. His story also captures the changing cultural landscape of America and sheds light on his relationship with his then-wife, Priscilla Presley. In order to find out about Elvis’ secret to success and to learn more about his personal life, you will have to watch the film. Here’s all the streaming information you are going to need.

Is Elvis on Netflix?

Netflix’s current offering include the biographical musical drama film. People with a subscription of the streaming giant can watch the movie here.

Is Elvis on Hulu?

Hulu’s basic subscription does not include the Baz Luhrmann directorial in its current catalog. However, one can access the film using the HBO Max add-on as soon as it arrives on the official website. You can learn more about it here.

Is Elvis on Amazon Prime?

‘Elvis’ is currently unavailable on Amazon Prime. We recommend Prime subscribers alternatively stream ‘The Doors‘ or ‘Tennessee Whiskey: The Dean Dillon Story.’

‘Elvis’ is accessible for rent or purchase here.

Is Elvis on HBO Max?

45-day after its theatrical debut, the Austin Butler and Tom Hanks-starrer will arrive on HBO Max. Therefore, people who have a subscription can look for the film sometime around the second week of August 2022 on the official website.

Where to Watch Elvis Online?

As far as availability on VOD platforms is concerned, there has been no official announcement as of now. However, we recommend looking for the film on platforms like Google Play, Microsoft Store, YouTube, Spectrum, and DirecTV in the coming weeks.

How to Stream Elvis for Free?

Hulu’s HBO Max add-on comes with a 7-day free trial for first-time subscribers. So, as soon as the film is accessible on HBO Max, one can watch it using the free trial. However, we encourage our readers to refrain from using illegal means and watch their favorite content online only after paying for them.

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