Is Fatal Attraction TV Show on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Paramount+

A re-imagination of the 1987 eponymous movie helmed by Adrian Lyne, ‘Fatal Attraction’ is a psychological thriller series that revolves around a passionate affair between a married man and a pretty heiress that turns into something vicious for both of them. Created by Alexandra Cunningham and Kevin J. Hynes, the erotic series features some brilliant performances from a talented ensemble comprising Joshua Jackson, Lizzy Caplan, Amanda Peet, Alyssa Jirrels, and Toby Huss. The remake of the classic film is shown through the lens of modernism surrounding different subjects, such as women in today’s society. So, fans of the parent movie are likely to be intrigued to learn more about this series. If you are one such curious soul, we have got you covered!

What is Fatal Attraction About?

When Daniel “Dan” Gallagher decides to have a one-night stand with a beautiful heiress named Alex Forrest, his perfect family, including his loving wife Beth and daughter Ellen, begins to fall apart as the weekend affair turns into something more than he expected. On the one hand, Dan takes this affair casually, while on the other hand, Alex becomes obsessed with him and starts stalking him and his family. Now that your interest has peaked, here are all the ways to watch the show yourself!

Is Fatal Attraction on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers will likely be disappointed because ‘Fatal Attraction’ is not accessible on the streaming giant. However, it grants you access to thrilling alternatives, such as ‘Obsession‘ and ‘Dark Desire.’

Is Fatal Attraction on HBO Max?

No, HBO Max doesn’t house ‘Fatal Attraction’ in its library. But don’t let it stop you from enjoying similar shows at your disposal, including ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler.’

Is Fatal Attraction on Hulu?

Unfortunately, ‘Fatal Attraction’ is unavailable for streaming on Hulu. Yet, if it helps, the streamer more than makes up for it by giving you access to some excellent alternatives. We recommend you check out ‘A Teacher‘ and ‘Tell Me Lies.’

Is Fatal Attraction on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video subscribers are lucky because ‘Fatal Attraction’ is available for free as a bonus on the streaming giant. You can learn more about it right here! Besides, if you wish to watch similar thriller shows, you can turn to ‘Tell Me Your Secrets.’

Where to Watch Fatal Attraction Online?

‘Fatal Attraction’ is available for streaming on Paramount+’s official website. So, if you wish to check out all the episodes, we suggest you subscribe to the platform.

How to Stream Fatal Attraction For Free?

Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video offers a month-long free trial to its new subscribers. Meanwhile, Paramount+ grants all its new users free access to its content for the first seven days. Thus, you can make the most of these offers and stream ‘Fatal Attraction’ free of cost. That said, we urge our readers always to prefer to pay for the relevant subscriptions and stray away from any illegal method to do the same.

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