Is Good Trouble on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Image Credit: Liliane Lathan/Freeform

Fans of the hit TV Series ‘The Fosters‘ were overjoyed when a spinoff of the show was announced. Set a few years after the events of the original show, ‘Good Trouble‘ is a well-crafted sequel that includes phenomenal performers like Maia Mitchell, Cierra Ramirez, Tommy Martinez, Zuri Adele, Sherry Cola, Roger Bart, Emma Hunton, and Ken Kirby. Critics applauded the drama show for its comedic punches and acknowledgment of issues faced by Generation Z. If you are interested in watching this show, here is everything you need to know!

What is Good Trouble About?

A few years after the events of ‘The Fosters,’ Callie Adams Foster and Mariana Adams Foster relocate to Los Angeles, California. The sisters take up residence in an apartment complex, The Coterie. Their neighbors are from diverse backgrounds who are in LA to follow their dreams. Callie pursues a career in law to better the inefficiencies in the system from within.

As for Mariana, after discovering her technical skills, she graduated high school with flying colors. She even attended MIT, further establishing her career as a tech-wiz. Mariana is hired at a tech startup called ‘Speckulate’ but faces severe sexism and racism in the workplace. Thus begins her journey to utilize her talents without undermining her identity. Are you interested to know how you can watch this show? We have got your back!

Is Good Trouble on Netflix?

‘Good Trouble’ is not a part of the huge entertainment collection available on Netflix. But the streaming giant offers similar shows like ‘Never Have I Ever‘ and ‘Firefly Lane.’ Much like the Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez-starrer, the bond between the female characters is a prominent feature in both these shows.

Is Good Trouble on Hulu?

The vast library of Hulu includes ‘Good Trouble’ for the audience to watch along with the option of live streaming it through Hulu+Live TV. So, you can watch the entertaining series right here!

Is Good Trouble on Amazon Prime?

Although ‘Good Trouble’ is not a part of Amazon Prime’s regular offerings, it is available on demand. So, if you have a Prime membership and are eager to watch this drama series, you can buy an episode for $2.99 or purchase entire seasons for $13.99. To know more about this option, you can head here.

Is Good Trouble on HBO Max?

If you are looking forward to watching ‘Good Trouble,’ HBO Max is not the place for you. However, you can check out ‘Euphoria.’ The Zendaya-starrer revolves around a group of high school students who try to navigate their lives while dealing with internal and external turmoil. Alternatively, you can watch ‘Gossip Girl.’ It follows privileged teens who find details about their personal lives being leaked by an anonymous blogger.

Is Good Trouble on Disney+?

‘Good Trouble’ is a Freeform original show. The network is owned by ABC Family Worldwide, which in turn is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Television. Given the ownership chain, the show is indeed available for streaming on Disney+, and you can watch it here.

Where to Watch Good Trouble Online?

The most convenient way to watch ‘Good Trouble’ is on Freeform’s official website or the Freeform app. Apart from catching the show on ABC, you can also live-stream it through DirecTV, Fubo TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Xfinity. Moreover, you can purchase or rent the series on VOD platforms such as Google Play, YouTube, Spectrum, and iTunes.

How to Stream Good Trouble for Free?

Fortnately, Hulu offers a 30-day free trial to new subscribers. So, you can watch all the released episodes for free provided you do so in the stated window of time. At the same time, Fubo TV offers a week-long free trial of its services. Currently, YouTube TV is giving two weeks to first-time subscribers who would like to try out the platform for no charge, but the offer expires on March 16, 2022. In contrast, DirecTV is giving 5 days of free trial. While having said that, it is advisable to avoid using illegal methods, which is why we encourage our readers to purchase the required subscriptions.

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