Is It Cake? Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Is It Cake?

Hosted by ‘SNL’ star Mikey Day, ‘Is It Cake?‘ is a bizarre baking show on Netflix that is sure to leave you wowed and a little bit confused. The pandemic saw the rise of several online trends that lived and died in a short time but left an everlasting impact on the internet. Late 2020 saw the influx of cake videos that made you question your very existence. Scrolling through Tik-Tok, you’d come across videos of a random object that a person would start cutting. Before you could question why someone was trying to cut open a shoe, lo and behold, it was actually a cake all along!

So, Netflix decided to capitalize on this trend along with the age-old formula of a baking show and gave us ‘Is It Cake?’ The show features insanely talented cake artists who bedazzle the audience and the judges with their creations that will confuse you even after the cakes have been cut. If you have already binge-watched the first season of this chaotic but fun competition and cannot wait for another iteration, here is everything you need to know about the potential season 2!

Is It Cake? Season 2 Release Date

‘Is It Cake?’ season 1 premiered on March 18, 2022, on Netflix. All eight episodes of the first season released at once, each with a runtime between 35-39 minutes.

Here is what we know about the second season of ‘Is It Cake?’ As of now, Netflix has not released any statements regarding a possible renewal of the show. Many viewers and critics have questioned the logic behind creating this confusing competition series. Nevertheless, this mind-boggling show has become the guilty pleasure of many. Viewers from various places have commented that while the trend of confusing cake videos might be old and the premise of this show just a bit crazy, it seems to hit the right notes with the viewers.

Fans are eager to watch more of this crossover of the famous internet trend and the baking show format. Given the interest the series has generated among fans, we are quite hopeful that it will get the thumbs up for a second season. If that does happen, we expect ‘Is It Cake?’ season 2 to release sometime in Q1 2023.

Is It Cake? Season 2 Host, Judges, and Contestants

We quite hope that the talented Mikey Day will resume his role as the host of the potential second season. His comedic punches and hilarious antics in season 1 added even more charm to the light-hearted series. The reality show utilized a unique format when it came to its judging panel in season 1. Each episode featured three new judges. The panelists included food critics, chefs, ‘SNL’ cast members, and other celebrities. Some of the well-known names included Daym Drops, Loni Love, Fortune Feimster, Jason Bolden, Karamo Brown, and several others.

The series allows contestants to not only grab some cash but are also provides them with well-deserved exposure. Competing for the prize, fame, and cash in season 1 were Andrew Fuller, April Julian, Hemu Basu, Dessiree Salaverria, Jonny Manganello, Justin Rasmussen-Ellen, and many more! In the potential sophomore round, we can look forward to a new set of talented bakers as well as judges.

What Can Is It Cake? Season 2 be About?

‘Is It Cake?’ uses a unique format that lets the audience know that these disguised cakes can confuse just about anyone – even those who are experts at making them! In each episode, three cake artists are presented with an assortment of random objects. As you may have already guessed, one of these objects is a cake! The participants stand at a distance from these objects and attempt to pick out the disguised cake.

In the main event of the episode, the bakers get to create their own food illusions to confuse the judges. The more deceiving a cake is, the higher are the chances of it being selected as the winner. In case the judges cannot decide on a winner, the cakes have to pass the ultimate test – the taste test! The winner of every episode gets a prize of $10,000. The top three bakers then compete in the final episode to win the competition and the cash prize of $50,000.

The winner of the first season of ‘Is It Cake?’ was Andrew Fuller, who tackled April Julian and Hemu Basu in the finale. If renewed, season 2 is likely to follow the same format as a new set of bakers will get the opportunity to showcase their skills to a new panel of judges.

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