Is Jockey (2021) on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

Directed and co-written by Clint Bentley, ‘Jockey’ is an endearing exploration of the people behind horse racing and their personal experiences with the sport. The languid sports drama film traces the story of an accomplished jockey close to retirement and features some truly spectacular visuals of horse racing. The movie stars Molly Parker, Clifton Collins Jr., and Moises Arias in pivotal roles. If the film sounds like your cup of tea, we’re here to get you up to speed on where you can watch ‘Jockey’ online!

What is Jockey About?

‘Jockey’ delves into the world of horse racing and follows veteran jockey Jackson Silva, as he prepares to compete in his last championship. In the runup to the big event, a young rookie claiming to be his son informs Jackson that he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a jockey as well. A relationship between Jackson and his alleged son, Gabriel, slowly blossoms as the former agrees to take the latter under his wing. However, Jackson is also ominously reminded of his advancing age, which gives the film an intriguing turn. Since you are interested in watching this film, here is all the information you will need!

Is Jockey on Netflix?

‘Jockey’ is currently not part of Netflix’s collection. However, subscribers of the streaming service can check out ‘Rock My Heart.’ It follows an adventurous teen who decides to race as an amateur jockey after making an unlikely connection with a horse.

Is Jockey on Hulu?

Hulu’s extensive catalog does not offer ‘Jockey.’ However, if you’re a subscriber, you could check out a similar film titled ‘Dream Horse.’ It is based on the remarkable true story of a small-town bartender who decides to breed racehorses.

Is Jockey on Amazon Prime Video?

The ever-expanding library of Amazon Prime Video doesn’t currently contain ‘Jockey.’ However,  you may enjoy watching the great western film, ‘The Silver Stallion.’ The movie follows the titular hero as he fends off a would-be horse thief.

Is Jockey on HBO Max?

The wide offering of premium content on HBO Max doesn’t include ‘Jockey.’ But the streaming platform has some of the best titles out there. We’d highly recommend checking out ‘War Horse.’ Steven Spielberg’s World War I drama follows a young man who faces extraordinary odds in order to be reunited with his beloved horse.

Where to Watch Jockey Online?

‘Jockey’ is currently playing in cinemas in limited cities across the United States and is expected to subsequently have a worldwide release. You can check out show timings and ticket availability here. The film is expected to land on streaming services sometime after its theatrical run. But for now, there is no other way to watch this movie other than on the big screen.

Where to Stream Jockey for Free?

‘Jockey’ is currently screening only in theatres, so you will have to head out to watch it. At present, the film is not available to stream online. This means that those who want to watch it free of cost will have to patiently wait for the film to arrive on a streaming service that offers a free trial. However, we recommend our readers not to adopt any illegal means to watch a movie. Instead, you can pay to watch your favorite films and support the cinematic arts.

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