Is Love of Kill on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Crunchyroll, or Funimation?

Based on a Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Fe, ‘Love of Kill’ or ‘Koroshi Ai’ is a romantic action anime. The show revolves around two ingenious and skilled killers who are after each other for conflicting reasons. As they chase their own respective goals, a cat and mouse game of love ensues, but what will happen when the two finally confront one another?

What is Love of Kill About?

Chateau Dankworth is a well-known bounty hunter who is tasked to assassinate Son Ryang-ha, an infamous killer who is notorious for killing 18 high-ranking officials within a few hours despite their security and other safety measures. When Dankworth manages to track him down for the first time, Son easily outmaneuvers her and makes a surprising confession. He says that he too is after her but not to hurt the bounty hunter but to win her heart instead. With unique gifts and surprises awaiting Dankworth as she toils to find her target again, a cat and mouse race between the two ensues as they struggle to achieve their respective goals. Will Son make Dankworth fall in love with him? Or will he get assassinated well before he is able to do that?

Is Love of Kill on Netflix?

The anime is unavailable on Netflix as of now. So, if you are subscribed to the streaming giant, then we recommend watching other shows like ‘B: The Beginning.

Is Love of Kill on Hulu?

Since ‘Love of Kill’ is not available on Hulu, people with a subscription can instead watch other shows such as ‘Assassination Classroom.’

Is Love of Kill on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime’s current offering does not include ‘Love of Kill.’ The show is also not accessible for rent/purchase on the platform. Viewers who are looking for other action anime may like ‘Grimoire of Zero.

Is Love of Kill on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll has acquired the streaming rights of the romance action anime for regions outside Asia. People who have a subscription to the platform can watch all the episodes in original Japanese audio and English subtitles here.

Is Love of Kill on Funimation?

The show is unavailable on Funimation as of now and is highly unlikely to arrive on the platform any time soon. Therefore, we recommend our readers alternatively stream ‘The Detective Is Already Dead.’

Where to Watch Love of Kill Online?

In Japan, the anime is released 30 minutes before its original air time on d Anime Store.

How to Stream Love of Kill for Free?

Crunchyroll comes with a 14-day free trial for first-time subscribers, while VRV gives people a 30-day time period to experience its services. Cord-cutters who plan to watch the show can use any one of the aforementioned offers. However, we encourage our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means.

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