Is Minx on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?


Created by Ellen Rapoport, ‘Minx’ is comedy series that centers upon an ambitious and fierce woman named Joyce who aims to launch a feminist magazine in the 70s Los Angeles. As she embarks upon her journey, Joyce stumbles upon a small-time publisher who gives an idea that changes the course of her original pursuit. Upon its release, the show received praises from everyone across the board for its bold subject choice and brilliant performers that make it a delight to watch.

The compelling performances of the cast, comprising Ophelia Lovibond, Jake Johnson, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Idara Victor, Oscar Montoya, Jessica Lowe, Lennon Parham, and Michael Angarano among others, also received a nod of approval by audience and critics alike. Naturally, the charming premise of the show along with the talented names attached to it must have made you excited to watch the show. Well, here’s how you can do that!

What is Minx About?

‘Minx’ revolves around Joyce, a young feminist from the City of Angels who is on a mission to create a magazine that addresses the ideals of being a woman in the 1970s. She faces rejection from several publishers. A dejected Joyce is almost ready to give up on her quest until she meets Doug Renetti, a low-rent publisher. Doug is impressed by Joyce’s vision but wants the magazine to be erotic. The charismatic porn publisher assures Joyce that his intention behind the inclusion of erotica in her magazine is not to diminish the ideas that she wants to present.

He believes that using sexual imagery to promote radical ideas has always been a sure shot way to gain the attention of men and Doug feels that the same model can be used for women. Joyce finally gets on board with Doug’s plan, and the two embark upon a journey to turn her magazine into a reality which is now called “Minx.” If you, too, are eager to join this duo on their bold, wild and scandalous journey, allow us to tell you exactly how you can watch this show!

Is Minx on Netflix?

No, Netflix does not have ‘Minx’ in its content catalog. However, subscribers can choose similar shows from the platform’s offerings to keep themselves entertained. We recommend you watch ‘Sex Education,‘ a British comedy show that talks about several sexual and gender issues through characters in and around Moordale Secondary School who often find themselves stuck in hilariously difficult situations. To watch another sitcom that centers around strong female characters, you can check out ‘Great News.’

Is Minx on Hulu?

Unfortunately, ‘Minx’ is not available on Hulu. If you are looking to watch similar shows on this platform, check out ‘Golden Girls‘ and ‘Broad City.’

Is Minx on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is not the place for you if you are looking forward to watching ‘Minx.’ If the premise of this sitcom has captured your interest, we highly recommend watching ‘Fleabag‘ and ‘Good Girls Revolt.’ The shows feature similar comedic settings addressing essential feminist issues.

Is Minx on HBO Max?

Yes, you can watch watch ‘Minx’ on HBO Max! Starting March 17, 2022, you can watch the episodes of the HBO Max original comedy show right here!

Where to Watch Minx Online?

HBO Max might be the best bet for viewers to watch ‘Minx.’ The show is exclusive to the platform and is therefore not available on other platforms.

How to Stream Minx for Free?

Unlike other streaming platforms, HBO Max does not offer a free trial for its services. Given the exclusivity of ‘Minx,’ getting an HBO Max subscription might be the only way for eager fans to watch this show. We highly encourage our readers to avoid any illegal methods to watch their beloved series as it helps the creators of your beloved projects and shows support to your favorite actors!

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