Is Missing (2023) on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Image Credit: Temma Hankin/Sony Pictures

‘Missing’ is a mystery thriller movie that revolves around a teenager who uses all kinds of technology to find her missing mother after losing all contact with her. Co-written and co-directed by Nick Johnson and Will Merrick, the suspense movie serves as the standalone sequel to the 2018 movie ‘Searching‘ helmed by Aneesh Chaganty.

The stellar onscreen performances from a talented ensemble comprising Storm Reid, Joaquim de Almeida, Ken Leung, Amy Landecker, and Nia Long help captivate the audience from the get-go. If you are intrigued enough to want to learn more about this movie, allow us to fill you in on all the necessary details!

What is Missing About?

What starts as some fun home-alone time for June Allen when her mother, Grace, goes to Colombia on vacation with her new boyfriend turns into a worrying situation when her mom doesn’t return home. Restricted by international red tape, she uses her creative brain to search for her lost mother with the help of technology, even though thousands of miles separate them.

However, June discovers some dark secrets about Grace during her investigation, making her wonder if she ever knew her. Do you wish to get to the bottom of the truth with June? For that, you will have to watch the thriller film yourself, and here are all the ways you can do so!

Is Missing on Netflix?

While Netflix doesn’t house ‘Missing’ in its expansive collection, the streaming giant gives its subscribers plenty of other alternatives. You will likely enjoy watching ‘Lost Girls‘ and ‘The Weekend Away.’

Is Missing on Hulu?

No, ‘Missing’ is unavailable for streaming on Hulu. But you can still use your subscription to watch similar films such as ‘Gone Mom: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos‘ and ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette.’ Although the latter is a comedy movie, it follows a similar theme of a mom gone missing and her family members searching for her.

Is Missing on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime does not include ‘Missing’ in its extensive content catalog. However, don’t let it stop you from checking out some excellent alternatives that the streaming giant houses, including ‘What We Found‘ and ‘Gone Missing.’

Is Missing on HBO Max?

HBO Max subscribers might be a bit disappointed that ‘Missing’ is unavailable for streaming on the platform. But you shall find comfort in the fact that you can use your subscription to watch similar movies on HBO Max, such as ‘Gone Baby Gone.’

Where to Watch Missing Online?

‘Missing’ has been released exclusively in theaters, which means you don’t have the option to watch the movie online, be it by streaming or purchasing. For those who want an immersive viewing experience, you can check show timings and book tickets on the movie’s official website and Fandango.

How to Stream Missing For Free?

As mentioned above, ‘Missing’ is unavailable on any digital platform, so there is currently no way for you to stream the mystery movie for free. All you can do is hope it arrives on any online platform offering a free trial to its new subscribers. Nevertheless, we urge our readers to pay for the content they wish to consume and not resort to illegal methods to do the same.

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