Is My Brilliant Friend on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Max?

Created by Saverio Costanzo, ‘My Brilliant Friend’ is an Italian- and Neapolitan-language coming-of-age drama series about two six-year-olds – Lila and Elena – with different personalities. While the former is a mischievous brat, she is a gifted child, and the latter works hard to stay ahead in school. Their teacher pits then them in competition against two older boys. It is derived from the Neapolitan Novels series by Elena Ferrante and is eponymous to its first edition. If you’re looking for streaming options online, we have you covered!

What Is My Brilliant Friend About?

The first season of ‘My Brilliant Friend’ starts with Elena in her 60s as she takes a message from the son of her childhood friend Lila. She has gone missing after a messy showdown that involves cutting family photographs. Elena drops a cold retort that is a clear indication of how tired she is by her friend’s habit of doing the unthinkable. After that, we witness their childhood, most of which unfolds in a poor Neapolitan neighborhood after the second world war. Lila is the ferocious kid with an appetite for causing damage, while Elena is a responsible student who believes in working hard. Despite the gap in their personalities, they become good friends. To watch the episodes online, take a look at the options listed here!

Is My Brilliant Friend on Netflix?

No, the drama series is not a part of Netflix’s video library, so you can watch other shows like ‘Dead To Me’ and ‘Firefly Lane.’ Both the shows revolve around two women and their turbulent friendship.

Is My Brilliant Friend on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, the show is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch it on-demand for $2.99 or $3.99 per episode and an entire season for $23.92 or $27.99. After the purchase, you can watch it here.

Is My Brilliant Friend on Hulu?

‘My Brilliant Friend’ is a part of Hulu’s current offerings, so you can visit the website and watch it here.

Is My Brilliant Friend on HBO Max?

Yes, the show is available for streaming on HBO Max. You can watch it here.

Where to Watch My Brilliant Friend Online?

‘Search Party’ is an HBO original, so apart from watching it on the platform, there are a few options available as of now. You can also live-stream the episodes on DirecTV, Xfinity Stream, and YouTube TV. Apart from that, you might find the show on VOD platforms such as iTunes, Vudu, Microsoft Store, and Google Play

.How to Stream My Brilliant Friend for Free?

YouTube TV provides users with a free trial period lasting for seven days, and Hulu offers 30 days of free viewing. People who want to watch the show can make use of these offers and watch it free of cost. However, we would advise our readers to refrain from using illegal methods to view the desired content online. So it is always more ethical to register for for the streaming platform where you wish to watch your favorite shows and movies.

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