Is Nicholas Galitzine Dating? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Although you might remember Nicholas Galitzine as Tom from the 2014 movie ‘The Beat Beneath My Feet,’ he stepped into the limelight in 2016 with his performance as Johnnie Blackwell in High Strung. Since then, the young British actor hasn’t looked back and has been passing one milestone after the other on his way to further success. After appearing in ‘High Strung,’ Nicholas took on the role of Conor Masters in the 2016 movie ‘Handsome Devil,’ before going on to add several other films to his name, including ‘Share,’ ‘The Craft: Legacy,’ and ‘Cinderella.’

On the other hand, Nicholas also left his mark on the television entertainment industry with his performances in TV Productions like ‘The Watcher in the Woods,’ and ‘Chambers.’ However, being a brilliant actor was not enough for Nicholas, as he even wanted to earn laurels in the music industry. He made his singing debut in 2021 through the soundtrack album of ‘Cinderella,’ where he collaborated with Camilla Cabello and Idina Menzel.

Additionally, Nicholas released his first single, ‘Comfort,’ in 2022. Quite naturally, interest in the actor and musician peaked in 2022 when he took on the role of Luke in ‘Purple Hearts.’ Besides, with two more movies in the works, fans are curious to know if Nicholas has a special someone in his life. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Nicholas Galitzine’s Family and Background

Born Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galitzine in London, England, on September 29, 1994, Nicholas was raised by his father, Geoffrey Galitzine, and his Greek-American mother, Lora. Interestingly, Geoffrey belonged to a family of Russian princes, but he earned his living as an entrepreneur and ensured his children had a comfortable childhood. Thus, Nicholas grew up in a close-knit family alongside his sister, Lexi Galitzine, and developed a strong familial bond over the years.

Interestingly, it did not take Nicholas long to discover his passion, as he was already in the school choir by age ten. However, he was also an avid sportsman in his school years and participated in football and rugby games as well as athletics competitions. Later, the actor completed his education at Dulwich College in London and began acting at an Islington -based youth theatre company. Even though Nicholas is quite a renowned actor at present, he still maintains a strong bond with his family and often features them on his social media.

Apart from taking time out of his busy schedule to spend with his loved ones, Nicholas has also talked about his parents and held them responsible for the success he has achieved. In fact, talking about his father in a post commemorating Father’s Day, the actor wrote, “To the man that raised me, drove me to rugby fixtures around the country, let me pilot a plane when I was 9, convinced me to go to the audition for the play where I’d get scouted and start a career as an actor, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!” It is quite refreshing to witness the connection Nicholas shares with his parents, and we wish them all the happiness in the years to come.

Is Nicholas Galitzine Dating Anyone?

Even though Nicholas loves talking about and featuring his family on social media, the actor has always liked to keep his love life under wraps. However, quite interestingly, when talking about the reason for pursuing an acting career, Nicholas mentioned that he liked a girl who used to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Thus, in order to impress and get to know her, the actor involved himself in movies, which led to him finding an acting agency.

Nevertheless, Nicholas is pretty friendly and often makes lifelong connections with his co-stars. Hence, it is natural for people to speculate about a romance as the actor was rumored to be in a relationship with his ‘Chambers’ co-star Lilli Kay. Although the two neither confirmed nor denied the assumptions, fans would be surprised to know that Nicholas has also been linked to popular singer Camilla Cabello, while his connection with Gideon Adlon is one of friendship. Thus, from the looks of it, Nicholas Galitzine does not have a special someone in his life but is instead focused on taking his career to further heights.

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