Is Patrick John Flueger’s Adam Ruzek Leaving Chicago PD?

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

Patrick John Flueger’s Adam Ruzek is one of the most courageous police officers in Sergeant Henry “Hank” Voight’s Intelligence Unit in NBC’s police procedural series ‘Chicago P.D.’ Adam starts working as an undercover cop right after completing his time at the police academy. In the second half of the show’s tenth season, Adam goes undercover to bring down the Becks, a family which sells drugs to fund their White supremacist activities. As he immerses in the world of the family, the viewers must have started to worry about his fate, which paves the way for speculations concerning Flueger’s supposed departure from the series. So, is there any truth to the same? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Adam Ruzek?

In the fifteenth episode of the tenth season, Voight’s Intelligence Unit starts investigating the Becks, a family that sells drugs and caused several deaths by operating a meth lab. Adam goes undercover and earns the trust of Samantha Beck, who introduces him to her father and the Beck family patriarch Richard Beck. Adam soon realizes that Richard is a White supremacist who tries to infiltrate hate and bigotry into the senses of his grandson. The episode ends with Adam learning that Richard doesn’t necessarily sell drugs for money but for “supplies” or “preparations” seemingly required to start a race war.

Image Credit: Lori Allen/NBC

After the chilling fifteenth season episode, Adam doesn’t feature extensively in the sixteenth episode of the season. Except for a few seconds, the police officer isn’t seen with the Intelligence Unit as the members of the same try to find the wife of a jury member who is involved in the trial of Arturo Morales. Due to Adam’s limited screen time in the episode, the viewers must be wondering whether his undercover work will keep him away from the narrative of the upcoming episodes, opening a gateway for Patrick John Flueger to exit from the series. Is Flueger leaving the procedural show? Here’s what we can share.

Is Patrick John Flueger Leaving Chicago PD?

As of yet, neither NBC nor Patrick Flueger has released a statement concerning the actor’s departure from ‘Chicago P.D.’ Although Adam and the Becks’ storyline isn’t a part of the fifteenth episode, the same is an integral part of the tenth season’s second half. Especially in the eighteenth episode of the season, Adam is expected to win Samantha and Richard’s trust with a “bold move.” With the help of Adam, we may see the Intelligence Unit getting closer to the family to bring down the same and avoid a potential race war. Since Adam is making progress in the case, we may not need to worry about Flueger’s exit from the show.

One of the developments that can pave the way for Flueger’s exit from the series is Adam’s death. Considering the chilling deaths of Alvin Olinsky and Sheldon Jin, such a narrative development cannot be completely ruled out. But the last thing the creative heads of the procedural series would want after Jesse Lee Soffer’s exit from the police procedural earlier this season is another main cast member’s departure. Since Flueger hasn’t expressed any wish to leave the show, we believe that the actor will continue featuring in ‘Chicago P.D.’

Flueger’s Adam possesses immense scope to get written or killed off anytime soon in the procedural series. With over two-hundred-episode credits, the actor is one of the most prominent members of the show’s cast. The chances of Flueger leaving the show without a prior announcement are extremely low. Therefore, we can expect Adam to continue impressing the viewers with his resilience and courage. He may also get back together with his ex-fiancée Kim Burgess, especially after they decide to stay together with the latter’s adoptive daughter Makayla.

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