Is Renfield on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

‘Renfield’ is a supernatural horror comedy movie based on characters from the 1897 novel, ‘ Dracula’ by Bram Stoker that focuses on the titular character and his struggle to break free of the clutches of Count Dracula. Helmed by Chris McKay, the vampire movie features stellar onscreen performances from some of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry, including Nicolas Cage, Nicholas Hoult, Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz, Adrian Martinez, and Shohreh Aghdashloo.

Although opening to mixed or average reviews from critics upon its premiere, the action-filled thriller doesn’t fail to sink in and leave the audience asking for more, mainly due to its stars and killer premise. So, if you are into such vampire-based movies, you must be interested in knowing more about this particular film. In that case, we have got you covered!

What is Renfield About?

Set in modern-day New Orleans, the narrative follows R.M. Renfield, who has spent a long time aiding the needs of Count Dracula. However, when he meets a traffic cop named Rebecca Quincy and falls in love with her, he finally decides to break free from the shadows of the blood-thirsty Dracula and get a taste of freedom. Now that your interest has peaked, here are all the ways you can watch the movie yourself!

Is Renfield on Netflix?

No, Netflix doesn’t house ‘Renfield’ in its expansive collection. However, the streaming giant makes up for it by providing numerous alternatives. Thus, we recommend you watch ‘Night Teeth‘ and ‘Vampires vs. the Bronx.’

Is Renfield on HBO Max?

HBO Max subscribers will have to look for ‘Renfield’ on other platforms as it is unavailable on the streamer. But don’t let it stop you from making the most of your subscription and check out similar vampire movies, such as ‘Interview with the Vampire‘ and ‘Vampire in Brooklyn.’

Is Renfield on Hulu?

Unfortunately, ‘Renfield’ is not a part of Hulu’s extensive content catalog. Alternatively, you can turn to other films that the streamer houses, including ‘Slayers.’

Is Renfield on Amazon Prime?

No, ‘Renfield’ is unavailable for streaming on Amazon Prime. However, don’t let it stop you from checking out fun alternatives on the streaming giant. You will likely enjoy watching ‘Vampire Strippers‘ and ‘Suck.’

Where to Watch Renfield Online?

As of writing, ‘Renfield’ has been released exclusively in theaters. However, you do have the option of preordering the Nicolas Cage starrer on Vudu. But if you can’t wait any longer and wish to get an immersive experience on the big screen, you are more than welcome to check show timings and book tickets on the movie’s official website and Fandango.

How to Stream Renfield For Free?

It is regrettable that ‘Renfield’ is unavailable for streaming on any digital platform as of now, which means that there is no way for you to stream the horror comedy for free. All you can do is wait for it to arrive on any online platform offering a free trial to its new subscribers. Nevertheless, we always encourage our readers to prefer to pay for the content they wish to consume rather than look for illegal ways to do the same.

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