Is Scream 4 on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

A sequel to ‘Scream 3’ and the fourth installment in the ‘Scream’ film franchise, ‘Scream 4’ is a slasher movie that revolves around the return of Ghostface, who unleashes his violent ways in the town of Woodsboro after many years of peace and quiet. Helmed by Wes Craven, the horror comedy film consists of a talented cast ensemble with several popular names like Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Lucy Hale, Emma Roberts, and Mary McDonnell.

Even though the 2011 film received mixed and average reviews from audiences and critics upon its release, fans of the long-running franchise tend to have good things to say about this slasher classic, which sticks to the core elements of the genre and manages to retain the magic of the original film. So, if you have not checked it out yet, you might want to get some more information about the same. Well, luckily for you, we have gathered all the necessary details!

What is Scream 4 About?

Set 10 years after the Ghostface terrorized the town of Woodsboro, the narrative follows Sidney Prescott, who has directed all her trauma of the horrific events into writing a self-help book. Now, after several years, she returns to the town where it all happened to promote her book and reunites with her old friends Gale Weathers and Sheriff Dewey. But Sidney’s return also makes the masked killer return to action and hunt for blood yet again. Will the Ghostface finally get his hands on Sidney, or will she be able to escape from the killer’s clutches again? Well, you will have to watch the movie yourself to find that out, and here are all the ways you can do so!

Is Scream 4 on Netflix?

Although Netflix doesn’t house ‘Scream 4’ on its expansive platform, the streaming giant gives you access to some excellent alternatives instead. Out of them, we recommend you watch ‘Hush‘ and ‘Fear Street Part 1: 1994.’

Is Scream 4 on HBO Max?

No, HBO Max does not include ‘Scream 4’ in its extensive catalog. But you shouldn’t let it deter you from checking out similar slasher movies that the streamer consists of. Using your subscription, you can check out ‘Halloween Kills‘ and ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D.’

Is Scream 4 on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will have to look for ‘Scream 4’ on other platforms as it is not available on the streamer. Alternatively, you may choose to make the most of your subscription and watch similar movies that Hulu houses, such as ‘Held‘ and ‘Dreamcatcher.’

Is Scream 4 on Amazon Prime?

Although ‘Scream 4’ is not a part of Amazon Prime Video’s regular offering, it can be accessed by including the Paramount+ add-on to your current plan or by purchasing the film on the streaming giant. If you wish to get more information regarding the same, you can head over here! But for those of you looking to utilize your regular subscription, you have the option to watch ‘Candyman‘ and ‘The Town That Dreaded Sundown.’

Where to Watch Scream 4 Online?

‘Scream 4’ is available for streaming on Paramount+’s official website and FuboTV. You can even choose to purchase the slasher film on VOD platforms, including DirecTV, Xfinity, Vudu, AMC on Demand, Spectrum on Demand, iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft Store. You can also get access to the film on YouTube, either by including the Paramount+ add-on or by purchasing it on the platform. You can learn more about the same right here!

How to Stream Scream 4 For Free?

Fortunately, both Paramount+ and FuboTV offer a week-long free trial to their new subscribers. Thus, you can take advantage of any of these offers and stream ‘Scream 4’ free of cost. Nevertheless, it is a humble request to our readers that they pay for the content they wish to consume instead of resorting to unethical methods to do the same.

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