Is See for Me on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Max?

Directed by Randall Okita, ‘See for Me’ is a thriller movie that follows Sophie, who encounters three house intruders as she is house-sitting for a rich client. Her biggest drawback is her visual ineptness, so her savior is a smartphone app called See for Me that links her to external help in the form of another girl. Starring Skyler Davenport, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Kim Coates, and others, the audiences were impressed by the refreshing uniqueness of the storyline, which is equally suspense-filled. If you are interested in knowing more about the film and how to watch it, we’ve got you covered!

What Is See for Me About?

‘See For Me’ revolves around Sophie, a young girl who once used to be a talented skier, but her visual impairment has put a stop to her career. Although she is in utter despair after she realizes she can’t ski again, she is determined to make the most out of her life. So, she sets out to forge a path on her own terms. As a consequence, she accepts a cat-sitting job at a desolate mansion.

However, Sophie hides the fact that she is blind. Even the owner of the mansion is unaware of her situation. The house is soon intruded upon by three thieves, who are clueless about the whereabouts of the family. In such a harrowing scenario, Sophie’s only solution is to use a phone app that connects her to an army vet and gamer, Kelly. She serves as Sophie’s eyes and guides her remotely. If you are wondering where to watch this movie online, we’d like to update you on the options you have!

Is See for Me on Netflix?

‘See for Me’ is not available on the streaming platform as of now. In case you’re willing to explore other options, you might like ‘Intrusion‘ and ‘Hush.’ 

Is See for Me on Amazon Prime Video?

This gripping thriller is not presently available on Amazon Prime Video, so you may want to take a look at other movies with similar themes. We recommend watching ‘Encounter‘ or ‘Intruders.’

Is See for Me on Hulu?

‘See for Me’ is not a part of Hulu’s current catalog of movies and TV shows. But there are other thriller dramas on the platform that might be to your liking, such as ‘Parasite‘ and ‘Mother.’

Is See for Me on HBO Max?

Since HBO Max does not include ‘See for Me’ in its list of existing TV shows and movies, you may like to check out suspense-filled thriller films on the streamer. On that note, we suggest ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead‘ and ‘The Little Things.’

Where to Watch See for Me Online?

‘See for Me’ rolled out in theaters across the USA on January 7, 2022. So, people who want to watch the movie can book their tickets on Fandango. If you are thinking about its availability on VOD platforms, the movie might be up for rent or purchase shortly after its theatrical release. Therefore, you may want to watch out for the film on platforms such as Microsoft StoreGoogle PlayVuduiTunes, and YouTube.

How to Stream See for Me for Free?

As of now, the movie is only available to watch in theatres and will shortly land on VOD platforms. Therefore, there is no way of watching the movie for free as of yet. However, we do not advise you to resort to illegal means in order to view content online. It is more ethical to pay for the streaming platform where you want to watch your preferred movie or show. 

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