Is Shantel VanSanten’s Nina Chase Leaving FBI?

Portrayed by Shantel VanSanten, Nina Chase is an important character in the FBI. She is introduced in the fourth season of the series as a replacement for Maggie Bell in the New York field team after the latter’s exposure to sarin gas. In real life, actress Missy Peregrym, who portrays Maggie, went on maternity leave because she was pregnant with her second child. Now, with Maggie’s much-anticipated return in the fifth season of the show, many of you might be wondering what will happen to Nina. Here is what we know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Nina?

The fifth season has been quite eventful for Nina. The possibility of a relationship between Nina and Stuart Scola (John Boyd) is first hinted at in season 4 episode 18, where it is revealed that they had gone out on a date. Although Stuart seems to ghost Nina after that, she agrees to go out on a second date by the end of the episode. In season 5, we learn that they are now sleeping together, though Nina doesn’t want their colleagues to know about it for now. During season 5 episode 2, their secret relationship affects Scola’s performance on the field. He becomes distracted when Nina is shot and rushes toward her, allowing the shooter to flee.

According to Boyd, his character asks whether he can or is even allowed to have such a relationship. “They’re teetering on that place of, do we know what this is? Is it possible? This show asks the question of, with this job I do and the service that I do, is it possible for me to get to have those things? I think that Scola’s [Stuart] willing by the end of that episode to ask the question, and the way that it’s juxtaposed with the storyline between the two young lovers, Scola believes in his heart that that type of love and that type of closeness is reserved for people that don’t do what we do and that he’s not fully allowed or maybe fully capable of getting to have that. I think for the first time, we see the character in a position where he’s thinking maybe that is possible and seeing that thing in himself, that that could grow, and maybe it’s a possibility,” Boyd told TV Insider during an interview.

As mentioned, Nina was introduced as a replacement for Maggie both in the show and as OA’s partner. Peregrym returned to the FBI set in September 2022, about three months after the birth of her second child, Mela Joséphine Oakley. According to reports, her character is set to return on the episode airing on November 15, 2022, in which she helps solve two murder cases.

Is Shantel VanSanten Leaving FBI?

Asked about what will happen to Nina once Maggie returns to active duty, showrunner Rick Eid hinted that they had plans for the character. “We may see Nina moving onto a new office or a different unit. But she was a great asset during Maggie’s absence, and I think we can expect her to stay connected to the team in an interesting way,” he told TV Insider.

VanSanten told TVLine that she was uncertain what the future held for her character, but she was still quite excited. “The plan was always to do these 10 episodes while [Missy] got to have her baby and recover, and then she’ll be back,” she said, before adding that, “I think the door is open, and I’m excited to see where that might lead.” A Sunday special episode is slated to air on November 6, 2022, and it will reportedly focus on Nina and Scola’s relationship. Given that the episode is set to air about a week before Maggie’s return, we just might get an idea about Nina’s future in it.

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