Is Shut In (2022) on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

‘Shut In’ is a psychological thriller movie directed by D.J. Caruso and produced by Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. It revolves around a single mother who gets trapped in the pantry in her house by her dangerous ex-boyfriend. Thus, she races against time to escape her confinement to save her two young children from harm. However, in her attempt to break free she is also faced with the demons of her past and must battle them for the sake of her kids.

Starring Rainey Qualley, Jake Horowitz, and Vincent Gallo, ‘Shut In’ is a riveting tale of a mother’s love that keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats with its intense narrative and spine-chilling moments. In case you are wondering where to watch this gripping movie, we’ve got all the details you need to do so. Let’s dive in!

What is Shut In About?

Jessica is a young single mother who struggles with drug addiction. She gradually recovers for the sake of her two children Mason and Lainey. Just as the family prepares for a getaway to Texas, Jessica’s violent ex-boyfriend Rob arrives to harass her. A drug addict himself, he is accompanied by his supplier Sammy, who is an infamous child molester. When Jessica asks them to leave peacefully, Rob retaliates by barricading her in the pantry and sealing it shut with lumber.

Rob leaves a bag of drugs under the door to drag Jessica back into addiction and exacerbate the situation. Imprisoned in her own house and fearing the safety of her kids, she struggles hard to get out of the pantry. But as the clock ticks away, Jessica’s urge to escape is conflicted by the lure of her past addictions. She must now fight to maintain her self-control to protect her children from the monsters that lurk.

Is Shut In on Netflix?

No, ‘Shut In’ is presently not available on the streaming service. Nonetheless, subscribers can opt for similar engaging movies like ‘The Wastleland‘ which also depicts a mother’s fight to save her son from an unknown entity, as well as the hair-raising thriller drama movie ‘Deadly Illusions.’

Is Shut In on Hulu?

Currently, Hulu subscribers won’t be able to find ‘Shut In’ on the streaming platform. But they can enjoy other entertaining movies such as ‘Fear of Rain‘ and ‘The Night.’

Is Shut In on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime doesn’t have ‘Shut In’ in its vast library of movies and TV shows. You can rather choose to watch more movies in similar genres such as ‘The Lie‘ and ‘Dismissed.’

Is Shut In on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, ‘Shut In’ is not available for subscribers of the streaming service as of now. Although they can enjoy similar movies like ‘Buried‘ and ‘Disturbia.’

Where to Watch Shut In Online?

‘Shut In’ is currently available to stream with a subscription on The Daily Wire. You can watch it here.

How to Stream Shut In for Free?

Right now, ‘Shut’ In is unavailable for free streaming. Moreover, we always encourage our readers to refrain from piracy and pay for the content they wish to consume.

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