Is Smile (2022) on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Based on his own 2020 short film titled ‘Laura Hasn’t Slept,’ Parker Finn wrote and directed ‘Smile.’ It is a horror movie that revolves around a therapist on the verge of mental breakdown after witnessing a tragic and traumatic event involving one of her patients. The psychological thriller film features brilliant performances from a talented cast comprising Sosie Bacon, Kyle Gallner, Caitlin Stasey, Jessie T. Usher, and Rob Morgan. If you are into horror movies, you are bound to be excited to know more about ‘Smile’ and watch it. Thus, here is all the information you may require!

What is Smile About?

‘Smile’ follows Dr. Rose Cotter, a competent and experienced therapist who gets traumatized after witnessing an unusual incident involving a patient. Following the bizarre event, she starts seeing things and experiencing some terrifying and ineffable occurrences. Now, to save herself and not lose total grip over reality, Rose must confront her tragic past that she has been avoiding all this time. Do you wish to find out how things work out for her? Well, for that, you will need to watch the movie yourself, and here are all the ways you can do so!

Is Smile on Netflix?

No, ‘Smile’ is unavailable for streaming on Netflix. However, the streaming giant makes up for it by giving you access to some excellent alternatives, such as ‘Clinical‘ and ‘No One Gets Out Alive.’

Is Smile on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will need to look for ‘Smile’ on other platforms as the horror movie is not included in the platform’s content catalog. But don’t let it disappoint you as the streamer offers similar movies to its subscribers, including ‘Oculus‘ and ‘Unsane.’

Is Smile on Amazon Prime?

Although Amazon Prime doesn’t house ‘Smile’ on its expansive library of content, the streaming giant gives its subscribers access to excellent options like ‘Rings‘ and ‘The Manor.’

Is Smile on HBO Max?

HBO Max subscribers will be disappointed to know that ‘Smile’ is not a part of the streaming platform’s collection of movies and TV shows. Nevertheless, it should not stop you from making the most of your subscription and turning to HBO Max’s other alternatives. We recommend you watch ‘Malignant‘ and ‘The Night House.’

Where to Watch Smile Online?

As of now, ‘Smile’ has been exclusively released in theaters, which means that there is no way for you to watch the thriller movie online. So, if you cannot wait to watch Dr. Rose’s horrifying experiences, you can always check show timings and book tickets to a nearby theater on the movie’s official website and Fandango.

How to Stream Smile For Free?

As mentioned above, ‘Smile’ is currently playing only in theaters, so you don’t have the option to stream the film for free. All you can do is hope it lands on any online platform offering a free trial to its new subscribers. Meanwhile, we request our readers to avoid using illegal means to watch their favorite content and instead pay for the relevant subscriptions.

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