Is Star Wars: Visions on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime?

‘Star Wars: Visions’ is an action-adventure series in an animated format that explores previously unheard and untold stories from the galaxy far, far away. The anthology series is an exciting mashup between the west and the east, with the pop culture phenomenon ‘Star Wars‘ merging with the sensationalism of the anime genre.

Naturally, with some of the best talents from the anime industry and swashbuckling, space-faring stories on offer, fans must be excited to watch this bold new entry in the evergreen franchise. If you wish to stream the show online, here’s everything you need to know in that regard!

What is Star Wars: Visions About?

‘Star Wars: Visions’ offers a total of nine different animated short films that feature traditional Japanese values and morals. Considering ‘Star Wars’ itself is a cross between science fiction and Japanese culture assimilated in the west through the work of filmmakers such as Akira Kurosawa, the anthology can be seen as a means to honor that heritage. In one short, we will get to see an alternate history of the Jedi and the Sith based on Japanese folklore and history. In another episode, we see the story of Force-sensitive twins raised as Siths. Each entry features its own unique visual style and fresh take on the franchise’s mythology.

Is Star Wars: Visions on Netflix?

Netflix’s vast collection of entertainment titles does not include ‘Star Wars: Visions.’ If you are looking for something similar to watch, we recommend ‘Godzilla Singular Point,’ an anime series about two strangers who find themselves in a war beyond their imagination that could spell the end of the world.

Is Star Wars: Visions on Amazon Prime?

‘Star Wars: Visions’ isn’t available on Amazon Prime either as a part of the subscription package or to buy on-demand. Folks looking for alternatives can check out ‘Blade of the Immortal,’ which is set in the Edo period Japan and follows Manji, an immortal man who helps a young girl get revenge for her family’s death.

Is Star Wars: Visions on Hulu?

‘Star Wars: Visions’ isn’t a part of Hulu’s diverse and impressive entertainment catalog. Instead, you can watch animes such as ‘Attack on Titan‘ and ‘Black Clover‘ on the service.

Is Star Wars: Visions on Disney+?

‘Star Wars: Visions’ is streaming on Disney+. The house of mouse service is the show’s exclusive streaming home, and subscribers can watch it at no additional cost.

Where to Watch Star Wars: Visions Online?

As mentioned above, ‘Star Wars: Visions’ is only available to stream on Disney+. Hence, it won’t be available on other streaming services or VOD platforms.

How to Stream Star Wars: Visions For Free?

The only way to watch ‘Star Wars: Visions’ is with a paid subscription to Disney+. Therefore, there is currently no way of watching the series free of cost. We encourage our readers to refrain from using any illegal methods and encourage them to stream all content legally and by paying for it.

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