Is The Eternal Daughter on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

‘The Eternal Daughter’ is a mystery thriller movie that follows a middle-aged woman and her elderly mother as they pay a visit to their old family house, which has now turned into a shady hotel. Written and directed by Joanna Hogg, the gothic thriller film features stellar onscreen performances from talented actors like Tilda Swinton, Joseph Mydell, Carly-Sophia Davies, and Alfie Sankey-Green.

The movie generally received positive reviews from critics as they praised Tilda Swinton’s brilliant double role. Despite lacking the element of ghosts, the narrative is bound to send chills down your spine through its direction and immersive storytelling. If you are into such movies, you might be excited to learn more about the Joanna Hogg directorial, including where you can watch it. Well, in that case, we have all the necessary details you are looking for!

What is The Eternal Daughter About?

The story revolves around a middle-aged artist, Julie, and her mother, Rosalind, who plan to stay at a vacant hotel that was their family home several years ago. Upon returning to the old manor, the mother and daughter soon realize that there are some dark secrets buried within the hotel that they must finally confront. Now that your interest has peaked, here are all the ways you can watch the thriller film!

Is The Eternal Daughter on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers will have to look for ‘The Eternal Daughter’ on other platforms as it is unavailable on the streaming giant. However, don’t let it disappoint you because Netflix houses plenty of similar movies, such as ‘No One Gets Out Alive‘ and ‘The Open House.’

Is The Eternal Daughter on Hulu?

No, ‘The Eternal Daughter’ is not included in Hulu’s massive collection of movies and TV shows. But you shouldn’t let it stop you from checking out exciting alternatives that the streamer offers, including ‘The Lodge‘ and ‘Amulet.’

Is The Eternal Daughter on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime does not have ‘The Eternal Daughter’ in its expansive catalog. Nevertheless, the streamer gives you access to some excellent substitutes. We recommend you watch ‘Master‘ and ‘The Manor.’

Is The Eternal Daughter on HBO Max?

HBO Max subscribers might be disappointed as ‘The Eternal Daughter’ is not a part of HBO Max’s content library. Alternatively, you can turn to similar thriller movies on the platform, such as ‘Doctor Sleep‘ and ‘The Night House.’

Where to Watch The Eternal Daughter Online?

‘The Eternal Daughter’ has been released in theaters, but you can also purchase it on Vudu. Besides that, there is currently no other way to watch the mystery thriller movie online. If you wish to get to the bottom of the secrets that the old manor holds on the big screen, you can check out show timings and book tickets on Fandango.

How to Stream The Eternal Daughter For Free?

Unfortunately, ‘The Eternal Daughter’ is unavailable for streaming online, so you cannot watch the film for free. All you can do is hope it lands on any digital platform offering a free trial to new subscribers. That said, we request our readers to pay for the content they wish to consume instead of resorting to illegal means to do the same.

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