Is The Kids in the Hall (2022) on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

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Created by Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, and Kevin McDonald, ‘The Kids in the Hall’ is a comedy series that features the iconic eponymous comedic troupe renowned for entertaining the audience with hilarious sketches. The show is a reboot of the 1980s show that stars the five comedians. The original series has a loyal fanbase that cannot wait to watch what the talented group has to offer. The edgy and fearless comedy, with a heavy dose of satire, is sure to leave you entertained. If you cannot wait to watch the series, we have your back!

What is The Kids in the Hall About?

‘The Kids in the Hall’ features Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson, known for creating waves with their 1989 show. Almost three decades since the last episode of the original series, the comedic troupe band together to do what they do best — entertain viewers with their unique brand of comedy with elements from the current times. The sketches make fun of everything under the sun with their bold and sarcastic humor. If that sounds like something you cannot wait to watch, here’s how you can do it!

Is The Kids in the Hall on Netflix?

No, ‘The Kids in the Hall’ is not available on Netflix. However, the streaming giant does offer the iconic sketch series that has inspired many comedians, titled ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus.’ You can also watch hilarious sketch comedies, like ‘Chappelle’s Show‘ and ‘I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.’

Is The Kids in the Hall on Hulu?

Hulu does not offer ‘The Kids in the Hall’ on its platform. Instead, subscribers can use their plans to watch ‘Saturday Night Live‘ and ‘Key & Peele.’ Interestingly, Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney were part of the ‘Saturday Night Live’ writing team, where they showcased their comedic talents. ‘Key & Peele’ features the comedic duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in sketches that will leave you craving for more.

Is The Kids in the Hall on Amazon Prime?

Yes, ‘The Kids in the Hall’ is available on Amazon Prime; you can watch the show here!

Is The Kids in the Hall on HBO Max?

Those looking forward to watching ‘The Kids in the Hall’ will not find it on HBO Max. However, the platform does offer some excellent alternatives like ‘Mr. Show‘ and ‘Mad TV.’ Both shows are well-known sketch comedies with punches that never miss their mark.

Where to Watch The Kids in the Hall Online?

‘The Kids in the Hall’ is exclusively available on Amazon Prime and cannot be watched on any other platform.

How to Stream The Kids in the Hall for Free?

Amazon Prime’s 30-day free trial for new users can be used to watch ‘The Kids in the Hall.’ Nevertheless, we urge our readers to avoid illegal methods to watch the show and instead pay for subscriptions to support their favorite creators.

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