Is The Menu on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

‘The Menu’ is a dark comedy horror film starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult as a young couple who travel to a remote island restaurant run by an eccentric chef. Mark Mylod’s directorial revolves around the secret of Hawthorne, an upscale establishment run by celebrity chef Julian Slowik. He has created a lavish molecular gastronomy menu that treats food as conceptual art, but soon things turn dark when his eccentric plans get revealed.

The dark comedy horror film hints at fine dining and exclusivity in the gastronomical experience taken to the next level. If you plan to watch the movie and are eager to know more about the secrets that unfold at Hawthorne, here’s everything you need to know about ‘The Menu.’

What is The Menu About?

‘The Menu’ revolves around Margot and Tyler, a young couple who express interest in dining at an upscale establishment run by a well-known chef on a remote island. Julian Slowik, the famous culinary expert, takes great delight in producing dishes with an unparalleled scientific method. He believes that the cuisine served at his establishment, Hawthorne, should also be treated like art, not just something you eat.

Unfortunately, Slowik’s menu is full of less-than-pleasant (more like outright unsettling) foods, which is terrible news for the wealthy patrons who prefer to eat at his restaurant. What’s worse, likely, some of the diners hoping to have a lavish supper won’t make it out alive. Curious to know more about the Ralph Fiennes-starrer and where to watch it? We’ve got you covered. 

Is The Menu on Netflix?

Netflix’s massive catalog boasts some of the best movies and TV shows made in the 21st century, but ‘The Menu’ is not one of them. However, people who subscribe to the streaming giant can enjoy interesting alternatives like ‘The Babysitter’ or ‘Little Evil.’

Is The Menu on Hulu?

Hulu users will have to find other options to stream ‘The Menu’ since the movie is unavailable on the platform. Although, you can  alternatively use your subscription to watch similarly thrilling movies like ‘The Feast ‘or ‘Fresh.’

Is The Menu on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime does not have ‘The Menu’ in its vast content library but makes up for it by offering its subscribers chilling alternatives in the same genre, such as ‘Run Sweetheart Run‘ and ‘Goodnight Mommy.’

Is The Menu on HBO Max?

People looking for ‘The Menu’ on HBO Max will be disappointed since the comedy horror film is not currently accessible on the streaming service. Subscribers who wish to watch other movies that are somewhat similar may like ‘Tusk ‘or ‘Slice.’ Both these films also have a strong element of horror comedy.

Where To Watch The Menu Online?

Unfortunately, ‘The Menu’ is currently unavailable for streaming on any platform. The horror comedy received a limited theatrical release, so you can catch the movie at your nearest theater by booking your tickets on the movie’s official website or Fandango.

How To Stream The Menu For Free?

As previously stated, ‘The Menu’ is only available in select theaters and has not yet landed on any streaming or VOD services. You can enjoy the horror comedy on the big screen until it is released on any streaming service offering free trials to new subscribers. That said, we encourage our readers to enjoy their favorite content by acquiring the required subscriptions or buying the tickets and watching them in the theater.

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