Is The Underground Railroad Season 2 Canceled?

When a talented director and screenwriter like Barry Jenkins brings magic like ‘The Underground Railroad’ to the screen, it is bound to get the attention of the critics. The Oscar winner has adapted this series from the book of the same name by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Colson Whitehead. The historical drama series revolves around Cora, an enslaved Black woman in Georgia, who goes on an unimaginable journey for the sake of freedom. The show first premiered in May 2021.

The series has been widely appreciated and noted for its depiction of the sensitive subject of slavery. The cast members have also attracted a lot of praise for their performances. However, the critics were filled with admiration for Jenkins as the intricate and well-crafted screen adaptation truly honors the literary work it is based on. Many have even gone on to say that only Jenkins could have pulled something like this off. After watching the first season, there is no way viewers will not want more. So, if you are wondering if there will be a second season to continue Cora’s story, here is everything you must know!

The Underground Railroad Season 2 Release Date

‘The Underground Railroad’ season 1 released in its entirety on May 14, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video. The first season consists of ten episodes that run for 20- 77 minutes each.

With regards to the second season, here is what we know. ‘The Underground Railroad’ was announced as a limited series on September 16, 2016, which means it was planned to only run for one season. Speaking to Elle Canada in May 2021, Jenkins addressed why he chose to adapt the novel into a series and not a feature-length film. He said, “Some of the images in the show, the subject matter, I wanted the audience to have the opportunity to pause, skip, choose whom they watch with, or if they want to watch it alone.”

The creator further added, “Secondly, some of these images are rooted in fact, in truth, in actual lived experience. In a shorter time frame, those images can be so loud and overwhelm what I call the softer images. So I felt that giving Cora the full space to encounter all these [characters] over the course of 10 episodes versus one feature was the best way to capture the spectrum of her experience.” Therefore, it has been confirmed that ‘The Underground Railroad’ season 2 is officially concluded.

Jenkins admitted that it was not easy to put the production together, and the whole process also tested his skills. Nevertheless, he did not want to step back because he felt it was a crucial opportunity for him to re-contextualize Black history. The director and screenwriter spoke about how people often take it for granted that if a film or series talks about slavery, it will only portray the darker aspects. However, Jenkins was keen on highlighting the strengths of the enslaved people, such as their sense of community and collective parenting.

Given Mbedu’s past struggle with depression, she had to ensure that she was more self-aware during the almost a year-long filming process. Like most of her castmates, what drove the actress was the importance of sparking essential conversations around race, injustice, and inequality. Although we have only gotten one season of this period series, it has done what it set out to, that is, to start a process of reflection and how we, as a society, can learn from the mistakes of the past.

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