Fact Check: Is The Undertaker Dead?

Mark William Calaway best known as The Undertaker, is not dead. He is alive and well, despite whatever rumor might be doing the rounds. The ‘dead man walking’ has supposedly died so many times, only to come back to life, within the WWE’s narrative, that he might even be considered as the inventor of celebrity death hoaxes. Over the years, The Undertaker has remained a looming and menacing figure in the WWE world, but what gave rise to his death rumors?

The Undertaker Death Rumors Explained:

There does not seem to be any source for recent rumors about The Undertaker’s death. The star did mention in May 2020 that he came very close to dying when Goldberg took him for a jackhammer and The Undertaker almost landed on his neck. Showing a rare vulnerable side to himself, The Undertaker also mentioned he’d be retiring from WWE and would not step back into the ring. You can check out a tweet below, paying tribute to the veteran.

Since the news came on June 22, 2020, and the tributes started pouring in, many might have believed that The Undertaker is dead. However, he’s simply retired. Another reason why the wrestler started trending on social media is that Twitteratis found a hilarious connection between Dawood Ibrahim, India’s top fugitive, and The Undertaker. Netizens have noted that both seem to be supernatural in their abilities to come back from death. However, for now, The Undertaker is very far from being dead and recently put up a post thanking the Madison Square Gardens.

While the most recent death rumor seems to be a simple misunderstanding, the wrestler has been subjected to actual hoaxes numerous times in the past. In 2019, rapper King Krucial posted that The Undertaker had passed away on February 16th. After the usual internet frenzy, fans quickly disproved his theory. Then, they went about making fun of the rapper for his attention-seeking stunt. Check out a tweet about it, below.


Before that, Empire Sports posted the news of The Undertaker’s death in 2014. It referred to a head injury the star had sustained. Although it is described as a satirical website, people got emotional and made the story viral. It said that he had been found dead in his Texas home, but anyone reading the news in detail could see that the story was intentionally humorous.

The Undertaker has not addressed his recent death rumor, but he must be busy saying goodbye to his beloved arena. The wrestler recently said, “I’m either going to go out in a match that’s fitting for the Undertaker at WrestleMania, or I’m going out on my shield, one way or another.” The decision to go out of wrestling on his own terms merely shows just how much in control The Undertaker is when it comes to his life. We will leave you with a picture of the wrestler from a few days back, which shows that The Undertaker has still got it to remain a respected veteran of WWE.

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