Is Valimai on OTT, Netflix, Prime, Hotstar? Where to Watch it Online?

Produced by Boney Kapoor, ‘Valimai’ is an Indian Tamil-language action thriller film that stars Ajith Kumar, Kartikeya Gummakonda, Huma Qureshi, and Gurbani Judge. The H. Vinoth directorial revolves around an honest police officer who vows to take on a violent group of bikers who have disturbed the law and order of the region under his supervision.

Unfortunately, he soon realizes that he is facing no ordinary criminals as the biker gang has connections with the law enforcement authorities, which has allowed them to remain untouched despite all their crimes. In case the premise sounds interesting, and you wish to learn more about the film, then you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Valimai About?

ACP Arjun Kumar is a diligent police officer from Madurai who is summoned to Chennai for a special case. The city is facing the growing threat of Satan’s Slave, a gang of daredevil bikers who are involved with countless illegal activities like drug trafficking, murder, and theft in the region. Unbeknownst to many in the police department, they have connections with a few officers, which has allowed them to operate without any risk of legal trouble in Chennai. However, things change after Arjun leads the investigation into some of these heinous crimes and discovers the deep-rooted connections of the biker gang. But will he manage to stop them after so many other more experienced police officers failed?

Is Valimai on Netflix?

The H. Vinoth directorial is currently unavailable on the streaming giant. Furthermore, the film is also highly unlikely to arrive on the platform any time soon. Therefore, we recommend our readers alternatively stream ‘Raat Akeli Hai.’

Is Valimai on Amazon Prime Video?

No, ‘Valimai’ is not a part of Amazon Prime’s current catalog. It is not accessible as on-demand content on the streamer as well. People with a subscription to Amazon Prime can instead watch other movies like ‘Avane Srimannarayana.’

Is Valimai on Hotstar+?

Hotstar+ subscribers who are looking for the Ajith Kumar-starrer on the streamer will be disappointed since the film is not available as of now. Viewers who are looking for similar films can watch ‘Police Police.’

Where to Watch Valimai Online?

‘Valimai’ released theatrically worldwide on February 24, 2022. Therefore, people who love watching movies in cinema halls can book their tickets on Fandango (United States) or BookMyShow (India). As far as digital release is concerned, there has been no official confirmation as of now. Since Zee Studios has the distribution rights to the movie, there is a possibility that it will eventually be accessible on ZEE5 for streaming. However, we will have to wait to make sure.

How to Stream Valimai for Free?

The H. Vinoth directorial is only released in theaters as of now. Therefore, one cannot stream the movie for free. Cord-cutters will have to wait for its availability on a platform that offers a free trial. We encourage our readers to refrain from using illegal means and watch their favorite movies and shows online only after paying for them.

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