It’s Okay to Not be Okay Episode 10: When And Where to Watch?

It's Okay to Not be Okay Episode 5

‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ managed to keep us engrossed with multiple special moments over the two episodes that aired last weekend. While Sang Tae and Mun Yeong get into a hilarious pillow fight, the eighth episode concludes with Gang Tae asking Mun Yeong to accompany him on a trip. The children’s book author obliges and they head to the coast, as shown in episode 9 (that dropped this week). Well, you can know more about whatever happened in the episode in our recap section. But before that, let’s get a bit of a heads-up on the next episode.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay Episode 10 Release Date

‘It’s Okay to Not be Okay’ episode 10 is slated to release on July 19, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix. Since the show follows a twice-a-week format, new episodes drop every Saturday and Sunday, on the streaming giant as well as on tvN at 9 pm KST.

Where to Watch It’s Okay to Not be Okay Episode 10 Online?

You can stream ‘It’s Okay to Not be Okay’ episode 10 on Netflix. You can also watch the episode on the Netflix app. Another way you can watch the drama series is by tuning to tvN at the above-mentioned time.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay Episode 9 Recap:

In last Sunday’s episode of ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ (episode 8), we saw Ko Mun Yeong agreeing to Moon Gang Tae’s proposition of running away together on a trip. In this week’s episode, we see the pair drawing closer but there’s also Moon Sang Tae’s jealousy that might cause a rift in their relationship. Sang Tae even asks Gang Tae to choose between him and the author — which leaves the younger brother confused and flustered. On the other hand, Gang Tae is also jealous when a fan gets handsy with Mun Yeong while pretending to enjoy a fanboy moment. He vents out his frustrations before Mun Yeong’s publisher.

In the duo’s trip together, Mun Yeong is seen to become a little milder while Gang Tae loses his inhibitions and starts showing his wild side. Gang Tae additionally revels in the fact that he is now happily doing things that he would not have normally done before — thanks to Mun Yeong’s influence and overpowering presence in his life. Gang Tae ends up walking on a dangerous bridge, which he would never have been able to do with his older sibling Sang Tae.

Meanwhile, Sang Tae grows even more anxious by Gang Tae’s absence. His insecurities increase and he begins displaying his possessive nature by asking his younger brother: “Who do you like more? Me or Ms. Ko Mun-yeong?” To his questions, Mun Yeong tells Gang Tae, “I don’t want you to spend your entire life taking care of your brother.” In a later part of the episode, we get some deeper insights into the mystery surrounding Mun Yeong’s mother. Gang Tae has a strong suspicion that the lady must have disappeared from her daughter’s life rather than being dead.

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