It’s Okay to Not be Okay Episode 11: When And Where to Watch?

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‘It’s Okay to Not be Okay’ has successfully completed ten episodes to date. And the stories are just getting more intriguing with each passing week. Whether it is unraveling the reason behind the appearance of butterflies in Moon Gang Tae and Moon Sang Tae’s traumatic past or the mystery behind Ko Mun Yeong’s mother abandoning her daughter, the K-drama has so many questions yet left unanswered. With multiple twists and turns, the series, with its layered storyline and complex characterizations, is definitely keeping us hooked. If you have binged on all of its past episodes, here’s our breakdown of the next episode, which will drop next week.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay Episode 11 Release Date

‘It’s Okay to Not be Okay’ episode 11 is slated to release on July 25, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix, followed by episode 12 that drops on July 26, 2020. Since the show follows a twice-a-week format, new episodes drop every Saturday and Sunday, on the streaming giant as well as on tvN at 9 pm KST.

Where to Watch It’s Okay to Not be Okay Episode 11 Online?

You can stream ‘It’s Okay to Not be Okay’ episode 11 on Netflix. You can also watch the episode on the Netflix app. Another way you can watch the drama series is by tuning to tvN at the above-mentioned time.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay Episode 10 Recap:

In last Saturday’s episode of ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ (episode 9), we had seen Moon Gang Tae leaving his brother Moon Sang Tae all by himself for the first time. The community health worker at a psychiatric ward just wants to spend some time with Go Mun Yeong. The duo heads out on a trip on a warm summer night. But when Gang Tae gets back home, he finds that his elder sibling has gone out of control! Sang Tae is so disturbed that he brings up the brothers’ traumatic childhood. He reminds Gang Tae of the incident by the frozen river — something that the siblings had never discussed all this while. They even consider the subject to be a taboo.

In the midst of the outburst, an emotional Sang Tae says: “You told our mother every day that it would be fine if I wasn’t there, that it would be fine if I died. That day, you threw me into the river. I begged you to save me, but you ran away by yourself. You left me and ran away.” This revelation proves that the brothers harbor painful memories — something, which needs healing in the future.

In episode 10, Gang Tae and Sang Tae’s previously peaceful relationship displays signs of tension. Sang Tae has almost become repulsive about his younger sibling while Gang Tae is worried and filled with remorse. On the other hand, we are given another glimpse into the events surrounding Mun Yeong’s haunted childhood castle. The basement is featured in the author’s nightmares and she stops Sang Tae from entering the creepy area. This might mean that her mother had died in that very basement or still is in hiding. Only time will tell.

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