Jake Paul Net Worth

How much is Jake Paul worth? $19 Million

How did Jake Paul earn his money and wealth?

Jake Paul, real name Jake Joseph Paul, was born on 17 January 1997 in Ohio, the US to Gregory Allan Paul and Pamela Ann Stepnick. He has an elder brother, Youtuber Logan Paul, who claims that Jake is English, Austrian-Jewish, Hungarian-Jewish, German-Jewish, Irish, Welsh and Scottish ancestry. Jake Paul is not only an American famous Youtuber but is also an actor. By the time his brother started a career in social media for full time; Jake also developed an interest and began developing his own videos. However, before pursuing a career in this field, Jake initially lead his life as a competitive wrestler. Moreover, he also underwent training for Navy Seal. But destiny had different plans for him altogether as he started posting his videos on Vine in September 2013, at the age of 16.

Jake had garnered around 2 million followers within eight months of posting videos on Vine. Since then, there was no looking back for this boy as he kept on raising his bar and became known as an upcoming Vine Star. The hilarious videos he posted made all of his fans get the urge of watching more of his videos. However, when the application closed down, Jake already had around 5.3 million followers by then.

Apart from earning such fame on social media, Jake also pursued a career in acting. He later went on to take on different characters such as Lance in the Youtube Red original comedy film called as ‘Dance Camp’ which was released in February 2016 in the US. He later starred in a Fox Digital Studios production comedy-drama titled ‘Mono’ in July 2016 in the US. Apart from these, he also landed up getting the opportunity of getting one of the main roles in a new comedy series by Disney channel called ‘Bizaardvark’ which premiered in June 2016. Here, Jake starred along with Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu and played the role of Drik Mann. He grew really well as an actor and started to do difficult roles with ease and that too in just a single take which made him earn the epithet ‘One Take Jake.’

In January 2017, Jake was one of the invited guests at an event which was held at the White House. He posted a video on his Youtube vlog channel ‘Jake Paul’ in which he performed a stunt of hiding in a bathroom and sneaking out of the White House at 3:30 am without confronting by security. Around the same time in January, Jake launched ‘Team 10’ with the help of $1 million in finance in order to create a creative agency and influencer marketing management around teen entertainment. The people who invested include Horizons Alpha, Danhua Capital, Sound Ventures & A-Grade Investments, Adam Zeplain and Vayner Capital.

On May 2017, he released a song as well as music video alongside ‘Team 10,’ named ‘Its Everyday Bro’ which earned many views on Youtube within its first week.

What are the highest grossing songs of Jake Paul?

  1. Jerika (2017): Peaked at #86
  2. It’s Everyday Bro (2017): Peaked at #91

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