Jeffree Star Net Worth

How much is Jeffree Star’s worth? $200 million

An American singer-songwriter, make-up artist, fashion designer, and model hailing from Orange County, California, Jeffree Star was born as Jeffrey Lynn Steininger on November 15, 1985. Jeffree Star is famous for his fashion line, Beauty Forever, along with has transgressed, gender-bending appearance and persona as well. After losing his father Glen Steininger at an early age of 6, he was raised solely by his mother Laurie Steininger, who was a working model as well. Star was always different from the rest of the kids. He often used to do experiments with his mother’s makeup and used to wear it even he was in junior high. He did numerous small jobs related to make-up and music after moving to Los Angeles. He also used a fake ID to Hollywood clubs wearing miniskirts and high heels and succeeded in getting contracts from celebrities or makeup work at their homes which lead him eventually to fashion industry.

Star used social networking site “MySpace” as a platform to endorse both his fashion as well as music career. Social commentary on fame, beauty self-image and confidence were among his frequent blogging contents on the site which led him to have a huge fan and followers on the site and enjoyed fame of being as one of the most popular unsigned artists on MySpace. Star often got more than 50,000 comments for his posts on the site and by 2006 he was MySpace’s most connected profile personality.

Samantha Maloney, the drummer for the band Peaches, encouraged Jeffree Star to make music and thus Star’s music career as an electronica and pop vocalist began.  LGBT Logo channel advertised Jeffree as part of True Colors Tour 2007 sponsored by it. The tour traveled through 15 cities of the United States and Canada.

Star has worked with music performers like Deuce, Millionaires, Larry Tee and appeared in the second version of Kesha’s music video “Take It Off” along with releasing his first and only studio album “Beauty Killer” with Popsicle records in 2009. His album also made it to #2 on the US Heatseekers chart and succeeded to make up to top 10 of the US Dance/Electronic Albums. Jeffree Star always had a passion to learn more about make-up and fashion, he did a lot of research, followed his childhood passion and started his own line of cosmetics after leaving the music industry.

He introduced a wide array of fashion products under the name Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His velour liquid lipsticks, highlighter pallets, followed by clothing and new accessories such as mirrors and makeup bags made his brand fairly successful. He also featured in a few films and television series and the commercials of his own fashion brand.

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